This week you've earned yourself the positive delight of listening to singles from Soap & Skin, Sparrow and the Workshop, Dangerous Ponies, Huey Lewis and the News and Talking Heads. Don't waste any time, pick through these bones, leave your comments at the bottom.

Soap & Skin - Sugarbread [Single of the Week]

The intro to this song sounds like Xiu Xiu during the goddamn apocalypse. It's completely insane and I adore it. Although as it's completely impossible for the rest of the song to live up to such a massive opening crescendo, the song dips before building up to it's choral peak, it is still by far and away my favourite single this week. This is the soundtrack to my visions. The sole reason you are not allowed in my head. It's bleak and euphoric. Euphoric and bleak. Euphoric, bleak, and completely original. It's wonderful, that is what it is, wonderful.

Sam Lee - Good Bye My Darling

It's funny. What is traditional and perfectly acceptable in one genre can be frowned upon or ridiculed in another. Sam Lee is as "traditional" as they come. Just look at that jumper. It's fine though, because he's playing "traditional" folk music... If you played "traditional" rock music no-one would care, "traditional" dance music and you're boring, "traditional" hip hop and you're played out. However if you play "traditional" folk music well, you are a talented craftsman, which is fine I guess. It's just not really for me. "Traditionally" people that put words in "speech marks" in this manner are pricks. That's hardly groundbreaking news either.

Sparrow and the Workshop - Shock Shock

This song is proof that you can use "traditional" tools and still chisel an interesting sound in our ears. It's not all doom and gloom. I'll stop milking that speech marks comment. I like the lead guitar in this song. I don't get to say that much any more.

Crowns - Four Walls

If doing this singles column has taught me anything. It's that people still make music like this.

Dangerous Ponies - Sparks

Like Crowns, these guys are doing nothing new, nothing new at all. Yet somehow Dangerous Ponies make all the old tricks sound somewhat fresh. I think it's because I'm a massive fan of harmony porn. That and she sings "Send your sparks to the sky, You're always safer with fire by your side" Which resonates with me. I like this a lot. It sounds honest and that in itself is massively endearing.

James Yuill - Turn Yourself Around

I'm not feeling this. It's got all the aspects of Hot Chip without any of the things you like about Hot Chip. I could imagine Patrick Bateman listening to Hot Chip. I can't say that about this. No self respecting fictional serial killer would call themselves a fan of this.

Giant Fang - Kingdom

Oh god. It's got that MGMT playground sound intro. Massive glossy 80s vibes. 80s vibes. 80s vibes. So on trend right now. It's not a good sign that you've spent the majority of a songs duration racking your brains for what it sounds like. Pat Bateman would do terrifying things to these people. He'd show them no respect. No respect at all. I figure that if you want to make music that sounds like it is from the 80s then you have to be able to walk past Pat Bateman whilst he's holding a chainsaw. The Pat Bateman test. It's tried and tested. Unfortunately for them, Giant Fang wouldn't make it out alive.

Hurts - Miracle

I just deleted a couple of paragraphs that detailed a fictional encounter between Hurts and Patrick Bateman. Instead I would like you to imagine the scene on your own. Get creative with it. If you need inspiration, hit play on their video.

I haven't been able to muster the energy to properly critique the last couple of songs. Instead I've placed five songs from the actual IRL 80s below for your enjoyment. They do a much better job of pointing out woeful inadequacies than my words ever could. If you are going to take anything from this weeks column, take this, I would play Phil Collins in a club before I played Hurts. Make of that what you will. Normal service will be resumed next week.

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