"Hi there,

I've been sending you increasingly desperate emails begging for coverage of the bands I work with. You have never replied to me. You must understand that my hyperbole is reaching peak levels and I am liable to actually explode at some point. You, unpaid writer, simply must facilitate my day job. You must. I have been nothing but nice to you. In fact, the first time I contacted you, I sent you an unsolicited download link with no accompanying explanation at all. Which you flat out refused to respond to. It's only natural that I got annoyed with you. Four times I sent it to you. You never once responded. This is serious for me. Bands pay me to provide a service. Fancy meeting up for a beverage? Perhaps if I bought you a drink or two we could build a sort of working relationship. You could use all of my adjectives. It could be pretty nice for both of us. Or I could even write for you? I'll provide the content, you get to reap the hits, that's a pretty sweet deal right? You can keep all the adjectives too. Think about it. Let me know. Get back to me.

Anyway. Hope you had a great weekend. Here's a bunch of singles that are out this week. Let me know if you get time for that beverage.


Melt Yourself Down - Release! [Single of the Week]

"This song is so relentless you won't even have to try and sell the Eastern influence"

"The Video is trippier than a tie dyed pile of Magic Eye books on acid"


Gunning For Tamar - Another Season

"The new Biffy Clyro get all emotional about their hometown and growing up and feelings"

"This one made me think and I had to have a sit down, there were definitely tears"


Keston Cobblers' Club - Beam

"The new Noah and the Whale get all folky (Mumford and Sons) and twee (Slow Club) in the countryside (obviously)"

"At some point I realised that words were more than just sounds"


Swim Deep - She Changes The Weather

"Our focus group of six 12-year-old girls said this was the bestest, most originalist thing they had ever heard"

"Chris Martin wishes he could swing around a light bulb on a string to this"


Dot Rotten - Free

"The realist, rawest, baddest, tune ever to be sung by anyone"

"Next level existential philosophy from the streets, "Freedom IS Invisible" young man"


Fun. - All Alone

"It's a perpetual chorus for the teen market, who love it, incidentally"

"The word would never end without the full stop.Fun.


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Wil Cook is a fan of music. He is the Music Editor of The 405 and he cannot hide his severe dislike of writing in third person anymore. Leave your hate mail in the comments section.