I read recently that new year's resolutions were a waste of time, or at least trying to start them on January first is a waste of time, that beginning anything whilst on a come down from the big emotionally draining holiday is just setting yourself up to own your failure. You should allow yourself a couple of weeks respite to evaluate where your life is at, and more importantly, where you'd like it to be. Get back into the grind, recognise what your "grind" is, and how you ended up where you are. Think it through before making positive changes, set achievable goals, remember that small steps climb big mountains and all that. Type it over a nice picture and put it on Instagram if you have to. Do whatever you need.

I had a tutor that used to say that the world is run by those that turn up, he was right, just turning up is most of the battle. That said, you need to recognise that as long as one foot lands in front of the other you are doing ok, because if you can walk then you can walk in the right direction, and we all know that the journey is more important than the destination. We say that because we don't know where we'll end up, we just start walking and hope for the best, as long as we're going somewhere we're doing something. As long as we're doing something, we're not settling, we're not static, we're not beyond hope.

You know that every single day lasts a lifetime, or so it can feel but trust me when I say that when you look back with the clarity of knowing you're near the end, your life will feel like a single day. It's easy to put things off, to say that you'll do them tomorrow and slowly forget the promises you made yourself, but can you imagine how it feels to look back and wonder what you could have achieved if you had just given yourself a chance. I'd hate for that to happen to you. I'd hate for you to have had the chance to live free happily, and end up only with regret, I'd hate for that. Your life is a fragile animal, you should celebrate the ridiculous odds against you even existing at all, you should seek to add meaning to the wonderful accident that is you just being alive and aware of it. Every day is a new opportunity, you are free to wake up each morning and say "well yesterday is a day that I'll never have to live again". You can tick it off and file it amongst the many days of same, that is your right, but wouldn't it be wonderful to be old and full of glassy-eyed memories. To know that you lived with the spirit of all you had. To be thankful for the chances you were given, the places you put yourself in, and to know that you made the best of them while you could. Here are your singles of the week:

Frøkedal - 'The Sign'

This is the kind of music that can really set you free. Hit play, turn it up, remember that everything will be ok, commit to it. Debut album out at the end of February.

Liima - 'Amerika'

Efterklang by any other name, and still improving with every release. Drift into it. The album is out in March.

Smile - 'Holiday'

This laid-back guitar jam from Australia brings everything I didn't think I'd need to the party, turns out I actually really needed it. The album is out on March.

Field Music - 'Disappointed'

My standard Field Music blurb goes something like this: It's going to be a great day when the rest of this country realise that Field Music are national treasures and their music is celebrated in the same sentence as the all time greats. The album is out at the start of February.

Nevermen - 'Mr Mistake' (Boards Of Canada Remix)

I wrote about this song before christmas and lost my shit, but now, remixed by Boards Of Canada. I think if I started trying to explain this I'd probably have some sort of aneurysm. The album is out at the end of this month.

Explosions In The Sky - 'Disintegration Anxiety'

Very happy to have this band back with new material. It seems like they've learnt more fun studio tricks whilst making soundtracks and built on the technically dynamic sound they've been nurturing over the years. When you take the lead guitar line in isolation it really shouldn't be a massive banger, but add in everything around it and that's exactly what you have. The album is out in April.

Into It Over It - 'No EQ'

This great, it's like Hot Rod Circuit (who I adored in another life) but coated in absolute vibes. You can add it to the list of things I'd written off before I hit play and then really enjoyed. The album is out in March.

Bent Shapes - 'New Starts In Old Dominion'

This is also v.enjoyable guitar pop from 15 years ago. Don't blame them, it jams. The album is out in March.

Smash Williams - 'Astronaut'

Yer man from Frightened Rabbit, and yer man from French Wives make music as Smash Williams that has that montage sequence gloss of FR without being too OC. No album has been announced yet.

Dancing Years - '0040' (Rework of Ólafur Arnalds)

I think the main reason I enjoy this so much is that I have spent a great deal of time singing away my troubles over the top of music by composers like Ólafur Arnalds. Dancing Years have gone one step further and recorded the effort, thankfully. Their EP is out in February.

Blithe Field - 'Jimbo'

This is a nice palate cleanser for this week's column. Same time next week. Hope you make it. The album is available to pre-order now on Orchid Tapes.