The Euros have started, in slightly underwhelming fashion, but having picked up Poland in the 405 sweepstake I remain quietly confident in Robert Lewandowski fulfilling the potential he always showed on Football Manager and leading them to victory. d bless the Euros. Of course, there is also some fine music making it's bow today, so pick through our Singles of the Week and let us know what you think.

Jennifer Left – 'Black Dog'

My Single of the Week this time comes from Jennifer Left, and her bouncy, spring-in-its-step take on folk. Drawing equally on Peggy Sue and Feist, this is irrepressibly optimistic pop music that fits aptly into a niche of its own carving. Suitable for repeated listening, drawing a smile and toe-tap from even the most stoic hipster, any other week in June this would be welcoming the sun and tehe accebtable wearing of the straw hat, but it'll have to for hiding behind your curtains and pretending you're at a festival.

Jape – 'Please Don't Turn The Record Off'

Decent fare from Jape up next, that makes up for the apparent dearth of synth-pop around this week. It does what you'd expect- pops when needed, jitters about a little bit, before the typical infuriatingly catchy chorus. Not necessarily my cup of tea, or particularly ground-breaking, but this suggests a lot more to come from an act set for big-time exposure.

Doldrums – ‘Egypt’

Hot out of Canada, following in the footsteps of friend Grimes, Doldrums comes stuttering and shuffling into your periphery, making all the right sounds in all the right places. I caught the artist at a Vice launch supporting Theme Park and Purity Ring, and you can totally understand the links to the latter, exclusive of the Canadian link. 'Egypt' is an unsettling act of genius, close sonically to somebody like Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, though the disparate, haunting vocals take a life of their own, infused with the militaristic sense of rhythm. his is going to be everywhere.

AlunaGeorge – 'You Know You Like It'

I can't quite get my head around this track- there is so much going on, and it is so well produced, it requires multiple listens just to appreciate the objective quality of the song. The whole nineties garage sensibility is undergoing a fascinating revival, with AlunaGeorge currently leading the way, as tracks like this touch on a previously disparaged field to render a whole new sound, exclusive of pastiche. 'You Know You Like It' has been floating around for a while, picking up fans across the mainstream and alternative spectrums, as Aluna's soulful voice wraps itself around you, before leaving the club with somebody far, far cooler.