Anthony Chalmers is a promotions manager, booker, DJ and record label boss based in London. He's also going to tear apart the latest singles released this week. Enjoy.

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Factory Floor - 'Fall Back' [Single of the Week]

I originally had the Amateur Best single for 'Single of the Week', and it is a very good song, but when Factory Floor announced their new single, it was always going to be a winner for me.

I first saw them in early 2008-ish and thought they were amazing. They've had a lineup & sound change since then, but have just got better and better. Sometimes I wonder how come everyone loves this strange but brilliant band and not any of the other ones I like!

'Fall Back' is their first single for DFA records and although it's not really breaking new ground for them sound-wise - what they do, they do extremely well. Analogue synths, driving drums somewhere between Acid House & Throbbing Gristle industrial.

Amateur Best - 'Too Much'

I've been a fan of some Double Denim releases in the past, but from previous listens of Amateur Best I had it in my head that they weren't so much my thing. However that's definitely not the case, as this is clearly a very well written pop song, with the added saxophone really improving it a lot for me; without it it would probably just be a decent pop song, but its appearance makes it very good.

PEACE - 'Wraith'

Ah it's this one, heard it on 6 Music before. Again, good pop song and strong chorus but I don't care for this sort of thing at all.

Teleman - 'Cristina'

Okay now this one I like. Although I was a big Pete & the Pirates fan, and know the guys well, I always felt that their standard of songwriting was exceptional. This has a fairly similar feeling to P&TP, whilat being a bit less on the bombastic side.

I really hope 'Cristina' reaches as wide an audience as some of their previous songs, as it's just as good and sounds pretty accessible to me!

Everything Everything - 'Kemosabe'

I really didn't like the first EE record at all (at all). In fact I'd go as far as to say I hated it. Trying to be an experimental pop band, but just sounding crap. Go back and listen to more Talking Heads! But then when the 'Cough Cough' single came out I liked it a lot. A really odd & brave lead single to go with. I've heard this one once or twice before on the radio and although it's not as good as 'Cough Cough', it's still a pretty strong single.

Mikky Ekko - 'Pull Me Down' (production from Clams Casino)

This is a name I've heard around a lot but not sure I've listened to him before...

Nah, don't like it at all; just so wet & wafty. Think I might go and listen to Mykki Blanco who has the same name but is actually good.

The Neighbourhood - 'Let It Go'

Just don't have anything I can say about this... 3/10 at best.

Biffy Clyro - 'Black Chandelier'

The thing with reviewing pop singles like this is that it's just not my field. Guess this is stadium chorussy stuff that people will like. I don't even like Bruce Springsteen, who is I guess is at the top of this genre. So utterly can't deal with this.

I'll confess, I only got about a minute through this.