This week we have a rather special 'Singles Of The Week' feature as Paper Crows have very kindly stepped in to guest judge this weeks entries.

Read on to find out who they like, and who they dislike.

Syd Arthur - 'Ode To The Summer'

This sounds kind of like a psychedelic Mumford & Sons with some funk and jazz thrown in to the mix. A real grower of a tune we think; one that's got a lot going on, we're finding new things each listen which is always good.

Mozart Parties - 'Black Cloud'

We love the vibe of this song, the echoes keep the whole song open; it sounds quite whimsical and thoughtful. The rhythm is great too. There's a sadness in his voice but it doesn't bring you down, it's one of those songs that makes you feel reflective and calm.

Dog is Dead - 'Hands Down'

We think this would be great to hear live, there's some cool harmonies in the chorus and the track overall feels quite happy and joyful.

Born Blonde - 'Radio Bliss'

We love how this song starts, it just dives straight in and creates an atmosphere from the start. We wish it moved around more but that's just because we really like the sound; the vocals are beautiful too. It's one of our favourites on this list.

Throwing Up - 'Mothers Know Best'

This has got that sort of dirty, messy punk-ish sound to it where you can imagine being in a crowd with other people's sweat on you having what you hope is beer spilled on your head (this is a good thing). It would be fun to see these guys live.

Two Wounded Birds - 'Together Forever'

This song has a real classic feel to it. The vocals and chords have that 50s rock-a-billy vibe with splashes of Beach Boys and Best Coast thrown in; even the track's 2 minute length sticks to the 50s / 60s feel when songs back then were usually about that length. Short, sweet, to the point; even the video has that feel to it. It's pretty cool.

Real fur - 'The Fool'

This is another one of our favourites on this list; we love the drums and the bass on this track. It's got a vampire weekend vibe to it; it's uplifting but there's also something darker going on in the guys voice, there's a bit of weight or urgency around the lyrics 'hold me tonight' which we find intriguing.

Yellowcard - 'Hang You Up'

This is one of those great, feel good pop-rock records that will probably get a ton of radio play, it's really catchy. It's not super original to us but it's a good song and the music video is worth a watch; there's some funny bits in it especially when he sings to the guy trying to order some drive-thru food.