So last week was a slight write-off, with absolutely no good singles released. Bleak times I hear you say? Or perhaps just a one-off and lazy journalism, as we return today with a hat-trick of stellar releases from some of the breakout stars of 2012, all ready to celebrate the glorious return of the football season. I mean, yes the Olympics were great, but I know that I wasn't alone in neglecting loved ones and birthdays to celebrate over-paid, arrogant athletes and the wonders of Match of the Day on Saturday. Without any further ado, please enjoy our mix of singles this week, and don't let me know what you think.

Fawn Spots – 'Spanish Glass'

I bloody adore Fawn Spots. A band who I hold very close to my heart, they were one of the first acts I wrote about, having seen them play their first gig in support of some little known guys called The Vaccines. Anybody know what happened to them? That was almost two years ago, and Fawn Spots have gone about gaining a passionate fanbase organically, rooted in a great live show and the apparently outdated ethos of being spectacularly good. 'Spanish Glass', released with Southern Records and Louder Than War, has started to see the York duo pick up the plaudits that they deserve, and I'm honestly delighted for them. Influenced by acts like Xiu Xiu, they play on a fuzzy garage sound that still retains a freshness and character that marks them out as more than just pretenders to an empty throne. Keep on eye out for these guys.

Theme Park – 'Jamaica'

I know that I'm not alone in wishing that Theme Park would bloody hurry up and release an album. You've heard all the comparisons to Talking Heads, you've caught their whirlwind of a live show, and now 'Jamaica' (hopefully) heralds the long-awaited debut LP, which will be released on Transgressive. This is a track both instantly familiar and original, fitting in perfectly besides 'A Mountain We Love' and 'Milk', playing on the calypso guitars that have become the band's trademark. Both bouncy and reverential, Theme Park remain one of my favourite new bands of the past year, having kept my attention since I heard 'Wax' last summer. All the singles are fantastic, but please could we have a full-length record now?

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – ‘Household Goods’

Weeks like this are the perfect example of why I love writing this feature. Though to say I know nothing about dance music would be to do the term 'nothing' a grave disservice, I do know that I like Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, and what more is really necessary? Orlando makes hit after hit, with debut record Trouble giving testament to the mainstream explosion of a scene usually reserved for after hours and underground.

Jethro Fox – ‘Blinding Light’

This is so perfectly suited to our current weather. The perfect summer tune from Jethro Fox who, along with Stealing Sheep, is leading the way in the superb new music scene coming out of Liverpool. Taking his cues from The Beach Boys and Grizzly Bear, there is enough here to win over the most stoic fan of misery and rain. I absolutely love this song. Four great tracks this week, all totally different and yet each is equally tremendous.