Another day, another dollar. Well, no, another day, a further squeeze of the student loan. Great. This week sees the Brits, bastion of taste and talent, along with the re-return of Blur. Having debuted a new song, 'Under The Westway', a tour will no doubt be announced pretty soon, which I'm frankly unsure about, having been one of those dicks lucky enough to see them at Glastonbury. I could honestly say that I'd choose not to see them again, for fears of ruining it. Anyway, incredibly self-involved introduction over, what do we have this week? It's a quiet one for singles, but This Many Boyfriends, The Cast of Cheers and Deaf Club have all done their best in releasing tracks that they hope will get you through the February blues, just in time for Pancake night.

This Many Boyfriends – 'Starling'

Ah, remember the days of skinny jeans, long hair and trying to get someone to buy you beers? I obviously don't because I was busy being square and loving GCSEs, but going to gigs used to be so much more fun right? This song is the sound of underage drinking and trying to dance in a sweaty moshpit, a glorious ramshackle song dripping in indie-pop nostalgia, from the guitar solos to the anthemic chanting. There are elements of skiffle and the mid-noughties, recalling The View back when it was cool to like them. This song isn't going to change the world, but it does make it that little bit more fun.

The Cast of Cheers – ‘Family’

Preparing to embark on a huge co-headline tour with 405 favourites Theme Park, The Cast of Cheers have finally released their debut single 'Family', which frankly feels like it has been around for ever. Pretty much everything that can be said about it has been discussed and decontructed across the internet, as they look to act on the buzz before festival seaso. The now familiar guitars hint at classical influences, before the frenetic vocals and math riffs kick in to fund a song that seems to last a lot longer than it's two and a half minute duration. Though I wouldn't necessarily testify to the track's longevity, it has already developed a tendency to repetition, it is a great maiden release at a time when one track can make or break a band's future.

Deaf Club – ‘Sunday/Mirrors’

Some lovely epic doom-pop (is this a genre?) from Deaf Club to round up this week, in the shape of AA side 'Sunday/Mirrors' from the hotly tipped Manchester group. Set to support 2:54 on their upcoming UK tour, this week's releases seem to have collected a handful of the most exciting acts coming out of Britain at the moment and thrown them all together into one shameful, yet tuneful, orgy. This is a richly textured release, beautifully combining sinister pianos with a ethereal picking to fill the husky vocals with flush emotion. This delightfully noir offering would fit ideally into any sort of film track involving woods and a full moon.