November really is pulling it right out the proverbial bag in terms of singles, with strong tracks from Beth Jeans Houghton and Hyde & Beast last week followed by smashing songs from Bos Angeles and Teeth, whilst there are smaller scale releases from the likes of Being There. I've got my favourite (not in a bad Jack Jack Peñate way), so let us know what you're loving at the moment in the Comments box below.

Bos Angeles – 'Days Of Youth'


Bos Angeles will be wildly successful if actual music still means anything in this infuriating world of ours. They write dreamy, surf inspired songs that attribute more to the West Coast than their hometown of Bournemouth, as they draw on bands like Best Coast to inform a melancholia imbued in the stately elegance of the Pixies. Whilst it is hardly new ground, there is a grungier air to this that suggests more than façade, whilst the effortless amiability lends a mystique that somebody like Spectrals just missed the mark with. This is so good because it is so basic, it doesn't try to be anything more than a fantastic pop song, and that will more than do.

Being There – ‘The Radio’

Released on the fantastic Young and Lost Club Records, 'The Radio' is the debut single from Being There, following on perfectly from Bos Angeles above in demonstrating how to slightly tweak a proven formula and arrive in incredibly fresh territory. Sounding superbly polished for a band skating down lo-fi tracks, Being There have apparently been supporting Noah and the Whale around the country, and though this sounds incredibly inappropriate based on first listening, it represents the huge shoegaze appeal brought to the Radio 1 hordes by the likes of The Horrors. This week is a particularly melancholy one for releases, and this provides a chance to really wallow before it is now doubt picked up and destroyed by East London.

Teeth – ‘U R 1’

For a band who’ve built a reputation as the frontrunners in their very own chaos-pop pigeonhole, making a Vice-friendly racket as London's answer to Sleigh Bells, this a surprisingly tender, melodic cut from Whatever. Though obviously replete with throbbing synth and a certain air of arrhythmia, the spectacularly discordant distortion is perfect, introducing a sense of alienation to the song. The result is a remarkably romantic track, which would have been my pick for Single of the Week nine times out of ten. Sadly, I've aired on the side of grunge caution this time, but have a listen, and feel very free to disagree and berate me.

Whales In Cubicles – ‘Never and Ever’

Wow, what a great song. Not one weak link in the slightest this week, as we round up with a band I'll admit to having been totally new to, Whales In Cubicles. They sound a lot like Pavement, and they've absolutely made my day. There's not much to say about a song that has such a positive effect, except listen to it, love it, and then download it and give this band the money and plaudits that they have decidedly earned with 'Never And Ever. Boom.