I've taken just a week off, but I've gone from a loveable, scrounging student, to an unemployed scab, and I bloody love it. Who needs beautiful weather and babes when you can eat chicken kievs and watch Community in your pants? To match my glorious mood, the label gods have kindly granted that a handful of belting singles will be released this week, with This Many Boyfriends leading the pack. Enjoy the sun, drink too much cider, then throw exceptional shapes to our Singles of the Week.

This Many Boyfriends - 'I Should Be A Communist'


As an adopted Leeds man, I can think of nothing more fitting than establishing This Many Boyfriends as my Single of the Week, as a band making huge waves in aur fair city and beyond, and with a video based around Woodhouse Moor and the Brudenell Social Club, the finest music venue in the world. Soundchecking The Smiths alongside the obvious Cribs references, this track is raw enough to differentiate it from the pampered, fake guitar bands currently on the cusp of apparent 'greatness', but is accessible and smart enough to ensure it is heard and appreciated nationwide. This Many Boyfriends are a very important band, and this is a terrific song.

KNICKERS - 'My Baby's Just A Baby (But I Love Him So)'

This was a new find for me, and it's unbelievably immediate in its indomitable catchiness. Perhaps not 'cool' enough for someone like Pitchfork, that can only be seen as a positive inasmuch as it may be heard outside of East London. This is unashamedly poppy, perhaps like an over-produced Kitty, Daisy and Lewis. Ignore the terrible name, and luxuriate in your new guilty pleasure.

Sylver Tongue – ‘Creatures’

I was always a big fan of Charlotte Hatherley, so it's great to see the artist back in her new guise as Sylver Tongue. Miles away from her past incarnations, the only resemblance is that unfailing gift for harmony and a sticky guitar hook, that will seep into your every pore until you can't help but move. This is more appropriate to the synth-pop sound of people like Delphic a couple of years ago- remember that?- but it stands out by actually being bloody good. Though wearing its influences on its sleeve, this is a fantastic dance tune, without ever pushing over towards pretentious.

Man Like Me – ‘Squeeze’

I feel radically unqualified to write about this, what with having no idea about dance music, but if I was drunk in a student club I would definitely try to dance to this. And that is a huge compliment for someone as grumpy as me.