So the dust has settled around Coachella now, and people are pretty much bored of holograms right? Like most, I'm incredibly undecided how I feel about it, especially since Tupac bore such a resemblance to a Fifa 12 player. In vaguely related news, football has got interesting again, unless you're a Liverpool fan like myself, but I've decided to treat myself to a signed Emile Heskey shirt from Ebay with my loan, so not all bad. Music-wise it's another quiet week, with great releases from Peace and exlovers, but not a whole lot else. Have a listen to my choices, then let me know how aggressively you disagree in the comments box.

Peace – 'Follow Baby'

Peace are a band very close to my heart; after reviewing them support Death Grips in October I reviewed them, and since then they have blown up, supporting Mystery Jets, embarking on their first UK tour, and with plans to tour Europe supporting the Manic Street Preachers. Not bad going at all. After the buzz around first single 'Bblood', 'Follow Baby' takes a slightly more classic direction, using the obviously higher-end production to recall Suede rather than the arguable math influences of their debut. This is one of those infuriatingly cool bands who wouldn't look out of place on the cover of NME, if that still means anything. I took a few listens to really enjoy the song, initially dismissing it in the face of the earnest fervour of 'Bblood', but this is no bad thing, with 'Follow Baby' unashamedly catchy in its collective chorus and falsetto hook. You'll be singing this all day, without necessarily remembering the tune.

exlovers – ‘This Love Will Lead You On'

Some cracking C86 stuff next, courtesy of exlovers. Taking advantage of some lovely mixed-sex vocals, this is indie pop at its finest. Inoffensive, simple and, above all, brilliant. Playing at a tried and tested tradition, this is never going to be groundbreaking, but why does it need to be when it's ultimately so immediate and fun. Top work, with debut album Moth to follow.

Cate Le Bon – ‘Puts Me To Work’

Again, gentle and pleasant fare from Cate Le Bon, though this isn't necessarily what an artist will be wanting to hear. It is meant as a compliment though. It'll come as no surprise that Cate is signed to Gruff Rhys' label, with her audible Welsh vocals lending the track the personality and individuality that she has come to embody, hitting new heights with a St Vincent support tour last autumn. This is actually a very good song, baroque without touching obtuse, and not as abrasive as I'd have assumed after catching her live.

Willy Moon – ‘Yeah Yeah’

This is really horrible. I'm sure in a week, when I've been bombarded to the arse with this song then I'll probably take it all back, but this sounds like an explosion in Homebase. Grotty artificial screech after another, tied together by these banal, vapid lyrics, and yet it attracts big money production and video. Shocking. I know that it's different, but so was Skrillex.

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