This is my first Singles of the Week column so I thought I'd have a brief word to ease me in. I'm Music Editor here at the 405 so it only seemed right that I took over from Anthony and forced my opinion on music into your brains some more. First and foremost, I'm a fan of music, I'd like that to come across with this column. So I'll be trying my best to adopt an informal conversational style (that means too many commas and not enough full stops) and not just bore you to tears with endless hyperbole about the bass player's previous band. No-one wants to read that sort of thing. Unless they were really good. In which case I'm likely to waffle on a bit.

I'm going to try and pick a 'Single of the Week' each week. Which will no doubt be tough to choose some weeks. We are blessed to live in a world with such a wealth of great music. I'm really looking forward to taking a closer look at singles as stand alone pieces of art. Outside of 'Pop' music aimed at pre-teen girls, it seems like, no-one is really aiming at the 79p on itunes market. It was different when it was £3.99 in Our Price market. We had to walk there in eight feet of snow barefoot. You don't even know you're born. In all seriousness I'm looking forward to see who is still releasing singles worth listening too, aside from the bands releasing all those 7"s I can't help collecting. If anyone is doing that at all. I will try not to be too scathing if I don't like something, but I am a passionate fan of music, so I'm prone to getting carried away. With that said, If I really hate it I simply won't feature it. Unless there is something of worth to be said in the criticism I don't see the point of wasting anyone's time.

I hope you enjoy reading this column, and as always, I hope we can help you find your new favourite band.


J Dilla - Wild [Single of the Week]

DILLA! How can you not get excited about this release? J Dilla is a phenomenon. Anyone that knows me will know how biased I would have been in picking this weeks winner. He is my favourite hip-hop producer (strong words) justifiably so I think. If you need a history lesson read this, and if you don't need a history lesson, sit back or rather get Wild for this unreleased cut.

Laura Mvula - Green Garden

I love her voice, I really do, the slower songs like She really accentuate her style and showcase her talent. It's not that I particularly dislike this song either, I guess it's the set up I don't like. Last year, the only songs you could find were intimate little numbers, sat at a solitary piano. That voice and a piano. I was expecting an album of intense beauty. When the re-recorded version of She appeared with all it's layers of production, I didn't like to mention it, but it lost some of it's unique charm. It seems like the label were sitting on this single. Like the plan was to introduce Laura Mvula with the softly softly intimacy of She, test the waters as it were, before blowing people's minds with this crazy radio friendly pop hit extension of Mark Ronson. For what it's worth the plan is working, Green Garden is racking up lots of radio plays and gaining her a lot of fans, at least for now. I just wonder whether the highly tipped songstress is being true to herself with this style and how long she can keep it up.

Balthazar - Do Not Claim Them Anymore

This song is drenched in warmth. It's got such a chilled vibe to it and is produced wonderfully. The guitar riff and drum beat combined sound like something from the late 90s (which is totally on trend) but with the rest of the instruments and the little licks added over the top it amounts to so much more than just sheer revivalism. I haven't even mentioned the guy's voice.

Bloc Party - Truth

I like this song. It does make me want to listen to Silent Alarm though, and honestly, I think I'd rather do that and cut out the middle man.

Local Natives - Heavy Feet

This song would've been single of the week on any other given week. I absolutely love the progression in sound that the band have taken on their second record Hummingbird. It's a subtle shift but its evident. Each song sounds a little deeper and the emphasis/feel of the songs are more suited to the sombre tones of the lyrics. Whereas on Gorilla Manor it felt like you were dancing at a great party whilst a close friend is whispering in your ear about their lack of a relationship with their father and subsequent abandonment issues.

MØ - Pilgrim

I like the video more than the song. If I'm honest, the video bugs me a little too. There's nothing strictly 'wrong' with this song. I'm sure the horns will have people hooked. It starts so promisingly too, I really like the beat, I just got really bored. Really, really bored. So bored in fact I tried to remember the names of the Teletubbies. Yep. There were four of them and I had to google it.

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Wil Cook is a fan of music. He is the Music Editor of The 405 and cannot hide his severe dislike for writing in third person. Leave your hate mail in the comments section.