Recovered from a spectacular Latitude Festival, and already bored of the Olympics, I'm back to moan and bitch my way through our Singles of the Week. With the glorious weather already discussed to death, I would only implore that you read this in the shade, with lots of fluids, and nearby pair of dancing shoes, ready to face some ace tracks from the likes of FAYE and François & the Atlas Mountains. And don't forget, your barbecued sausages should be piping hot all the way through. Don't go too mad, come on.

FAYE – 'Water Against The Rocks'


Whether it's because it sounds like a nineties pop anthem, or just because the sun is out and I've applied for a job as a luxury yacht reviewer (true story), 'Water Against The Rocks' has perfectly tapped into my good mood, and caroused me to a level I'd almost describe as giddy. This is an absolutely smashing single from an artist I've been hitherto unfamiliar with, but I'm now pretty much a die-hard fan. Though I appreciate that this won't necessarily appeal to the purists amongst you, this is a track that makes no apologies for its brash, poppy hook, and approaches anthemic in its resolute optimism. Definitely one for the barbeque playlist.

Deaf Club – 'Moving Still'

The first of a few much hyped acts that we'll be covering this week, Deaf Club have released 'Moving Still' on Too Pure, and it marks a significant progression in the evolution of a band who are showing astounding potential. Whilst not particularly haunting in the manner that their live shows are, this is a track that gets inside your very bones, reverberating around your psyche and affecting your mood, whilst retaining a surface level that shimmers with mathy touchs and more than a hint of Peace. This is a track which only builds the buzz for a future full-length release.

François & the Atlas Mountains – ‘Edge Of Town’

The epitome of summer bliss. This is a song that makes me want to be extremely louche, preferably in a hammock. Why say more? This is the balls. Though obviously in a far more theoretical and better reviewed way.

Blood Diamonds (feat. Grimes) – 'Phone Sex'

Potentially the most hipster entry of all time, I've only just brought myself round to listening to this after seeing that unbearable photo of Grimes, Skrillex, Blood Diamonds et al sitting on their laptops, but I will maintain my objective opinion- this is unfuriatingly good. I'm a big fan of Grimes obviously, I'm single and have the tendency to fall in love with slight oddballs, but Blood Diamonds was one of those names I've seen floating about and I was yet to bring myself to listening. But now I have, and I regret my arrogance and not committing earlier. Cracking, sunny dance track, that can be appreciated a long way beyond East London. A superb way to round-up a particularly strong week for releases.