Little Comets - 'Jennifer'

singles of the week

Newcastle's favourite sons really have done it again. As a man who is recovering from a beer festival, where pint prices ended up at 50p, I can vouch for the infectious optimism of 'Jennifer'. On a hangover, not a whole lot can drag me from the realisation that the world is a cruel place, but this more than does the job, as Little Comets continue to flourish. 'Jennifer' is a great reminder of the act's lyrical prowess and gift for harmony, demonstrating why the Vampire Weekend comparisons are so pertinent. As my Geordie housemate says, this is sound. Really, really good.

Huski – 'Sleeps Over'

A glittery pop number up next from Huski. This takes quite a heavy club influence yet still moulds a catchy pop niche for itself, reminiscent of someone like Little Boots. Definitely a grower, I highly recommend you check this out.

Laurence & the Slab Boys – ‘Mushroom’

Perhaps inappropriate for the weather, you might be better suited in waiting for Wednesday's rain to really get the best of this, as you come to wallow in the kraut-rock guitars and just a smidgeon of angst. I'm actually being facetious, this is a belter, recalling the Horrors particular brand of shoegaze. Get it whilst it's hot.

Towns – ‘Just Everything’

Awesome. Like some sort of sexy Gross Magic, here are Towns with the utterly brilliant 'Just Everything' to round up this week's selection of singles. The more I listen, the more this sounds like it could have been written by Peace, playing on the current zeitgeist of nineties hooks, and it is bloody fantastic. A smashing way to start your week.