Last week was particularly strong. This week not so much. There aren't any necessarily bad tracks, but none necessarily stand out like Bos Angeles last week. However, I turn twenty one tomorrow, so we must find cause for celebration, and The Pipettes and Mariachi El Bronx have certainly made an effort. Cheers guys, I appreciate it. Nice one etc. Have a listen, then let us know what you think at the bottom of the page.

Other Lives – 'Old Statues'


Single of the Week goes to Other Lives, for the gorgeous, cinematic 'Old Statues', as they gear up for their prized support slot for Radiohead in the US next February. Fresh from touring with Bon Iver as well, this is an act going serious places, with a lot of PR weight thrown behind them, and for good reason based on this track. It comes across as incredibly confident in its own disillusionment, as the ethereal harmonies are backed by a meandering piano and jagged electric guitar. The vocal is understated, with a deliberate lack of passion informing a sense of distance and isolation which resonates particularly strongly when considering the release date as well. A rather beautiful song by all accounts.

The Pipettes – ‘Boo Shuffle’

This song is disgustingly, infuriatingly catchy. I'm grinding my teeth trying not to tap my feet; it only serves to remind me just how middle class and lame I am. This takes the fact that I can't dance, writes it on a placard, then slaps me repeatedly around my awkward face. And I bloody love it.

D/R/U/G/S – ‘Connected’

I have absolutely no knowledge of dance music, other than after drinking, in which case I know the ins, the outs and the roundabouts of techno, drumstep and hypno crunk. However, I can say in all conscience that I would dance to this if I was drunk. Which is as high a compliment as I can pay to house music.

Mariachi El Bronx – ‘48 Roses’

Predictable, and utterly smashing. Mariachi El Bronx have established themselves as a wildcard throughout their multifaceted career, and this single from their sophomore mariachi album retains their theatricality whilst standing out as an individual track. Which, when you consider my significant lack of knowledge on the genre, says volumes. To have created so many superb songs in a style which one is so unfamiliar with, and yet still create nuance with such spectacular originality is a gift from a band on the top of the world.