Yeah so I didn't do this column last week because I was outside enjoying my life. I trust you will not hold that against me. As a writer, you are not supposed to acknowledge that anything could be more important than writing. Especially if you write about music or whatever and it is tied into the fabric of identity politics that determines your cool. This is my life, my whole life, and nothing but my life. Please find my Singles of the week below, as is required by a column entitled Singles of the Week:

Sur Back - 'Trophy Daughter'

MJ Guider - 'Lit Negative'

Great American Canyon Band - 'Only You Remain'

Einar Indra - 'Your Eyes Are Burning'

Here is a spotify playlist with as many songs from my column this year as I could find on there... but I think that's quite enough. I promise to give this column all of the care and attention that something that is outdated and overlooked in a couple of days deserves. You can submit your music to The 405 by using your initiative and clicking around the site, although I will unsubscribe from your mailing list. Have a great day.