Anybody still alive after the rain? Excited about Roy Hodgson? Apologies for a football orientated intro, but today is a fairly glorious day, plus, Live At Leeds is this weekend, and I am very excited to catch Single of the Week alumni such as Being There, Spector and Peace, along with the perks of a press bar. How selfish. Brilliant. To match the vague sunshine I can glimpse through the industrial haze of the Leeds sky we have a few blinding singles today, in a fairly quiet week for releases. Have a listen, then let me know what you think in the comments section below.

Cut Your Hair – 'Utah In Pictures'

An absolutely sublime summer number from Cut Your Hair to open proceedings, ideal to chase those rainy blues away. I know that I'm a sucker for beach-pop, but please don't let that take away from the objective quality of this song, as the hazy nostalgia seemingly captures every perfect August evening. Ultimately, to get all arsey, music is about the personal effect it has on you and the memories it comes to soundtrack, and this is a song that can only put you in a good mood. This is not a song to mope about to and cry about the Smiths hoax, this is a track to put your sunglasses on for and go to the beach. As Tom Walters wrote for us when the single was first announced: "It's the pinnacle soundtrack to summer sunshine, with a riff that purrs along the melody like a cat spread out in a lukewarm porch." Dare I risk the awful pun, and gamble on puurrrfect?

Foe – ‘A Handsome Stranger Called Death'

It was this song which introduced me initially to Foe and I fell immediately in love with the vocal, and the sheer refusal to be pigeonholed, at least to my ear. Foe plays with ideas of genre and accessibility, offering multiple levels to her nuanced pop, which can be appreciated by music fans of all spectrums. Other elements of the album Bad Dream Hotline suggest a British Sleigh Bells, whereas other tracks wouldn't look out of place on Now 84, or wherever they're up to. The artist is a chameleon, and this stellar track is just a window into a very talented mind.

Brendan Benson – ‘Pretty Baby’

With the critical and popular acclaim for Jack White's Blunderbuss, do you think Brendan Benson is feeling the heat just a tad? With 'Pretty Baby' coinciding with the release of his new album, the former Raconteurs man must feel just the slightest bit envious of his former bandmate, especially when this single is just so average. By about a minute and a half it feels like you've been listening for a lifetime, which is never promising, and repeat listens offer nothing fresh, unlike our other choices this week. The man clearly knows how to write a killer rock hook, but this is not a single to remember.