With the contentious release of Born To Die, everybody seems to have forgotten that any other artist exists, and as such singles are pretty thin on the ground, but there's enough on offer from Disclosure, Justice and Fair Ohs to just about get you shaking on a Monday morning. I'll be honest early, I know near to nothing about dance music, but I know what I like, and I really like this week's tracks. just expect liberal comparisons to SBTRKT and references to 'grooving'. I really am that middle class. Let me know what you think of my terrible journalism at the bottom of the page.

Disclosure – 'Tenderly/Flow'


Here we go, first SBTRKT comparison. Disclosure, aka brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence, create lovely, textured electronica in the lineage of the afore-mentioned Aaron Jerome, playing on the same mix on minimalism and funk that has had such success in the past couple of years. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs is the same, branching away from traditional house aesthetics to experiment in the post-dubstep wastelands to mould something altogether more accessible and away from out and out club music. The arguable homogenisation of music is undeniably damaging mainstream music, but dance music is flourishing, with tracks losing their underground elitism as we start counting down the days to summer.

Fair Ohs – ‘Salt Flats’

With lots of coverage in all the 'right' places, Fair Ohs are developing a big alternative presence as their punk sensibility is thrown to the angry winds in the form of 'Salt Flats', embracing a calypso world music sound, underlying the harsh vocal. With bands such as Django Django and Peace beginning to make an impression, there is plenty of room for this, with my (very) early thoughts drifting towards Tinariwen and M83 from the opening riff. The song mutates and squeals across the bass hook, as depth of the acoustics and beautifully integrated voice ask that you “let yourself be overwhelmed."

Justice – ‘ON'N'ON’

It's Justice, but it's just not as good as past offerings I'm afraid, at least not in my limited opinion. It is a song which never really starts, lacking direction and impetus as it struggles to lift itself from the ground. The chorus comes across as a refrain, waiting and waiting to drop into an infuriatingly catchy hook as per usual, but this leaves me cold.