Welcome to this week's Singles of the Week column.

Last week I promised that I wouldn't feature songs that I didn't really like because I didn't see the point. Well this week life has given me mostly lemons and I hate lemonade so it got a bit sour. I'm not sorry because you have to be honest, but I'd rather feature bands that we can both really get behind. That said, it's not all bad, there's Linnea Olsson, She Makes War and Drenge to enjoy this week and next week I'll post your new favourite band. I hope that makes up for The Vaccines.

Linnea Olsson - Never Again [Single of the Week]

This song moved me. In that good way that music can. It's like the Irrepressibles fronted by Anna Ternheim. Which is great. I didn't even mind the breathy talking bit towards the end, which would usually bother me. It's probably because I listened to this after I had listened to The Vaccines. To be honest, that juxtaposition would make whatever I listened to single of the week. I don't need to talk about this song because you should have hit play already. These words should just be an annoyance during the beauty of the opening verse. Maybe it's hit that little tease of the chorus. It's good right? I'll leave you to it, you're in capable hands.

Night Works - Long Forgotten Boy

This song is totally generic. Apparently there is an Erol Alkan remix in the works, hopefully he can rework it enough to give this song something. I can't even muster enough energy to be witty about it. Disappointingly average.

Swim Deep - The Sea

Imagine screaming the name of a totally average band into a cave as loud as you can. You hear it echo, and echo, and echo, and echo, and then, by the fifth echo it probably sounds a little like Swim Deep.

This song would bother me a lot less if I could place the song they borrowed that intro riff from. Listen to the opening riff again, what song is that from? They've added a little noodled accent into it but it's from another song, it's going to drive me mad. Help me out if you can. I'm sure my opinion of this band will bother some of you reading this, I know they are getting quite a lot of hype, so let me say this before you start. Yes I've seen them live. That's part of the problem.

Drenge - Bloodsports

This reminds me of Groop Dogdrill. That is a compliment. This song is proof that you don't have to break the mold to sound fresh. It has a nice energy about it.

The Vaccines - Bad Mood

The Vaccines are like those pre-worn in jeans that you can buy in those high street chain stores, or those supermarkets that are big enough to have their own clothing section, you know where I mean. Everyone liked the look of worn in jeans, those little faded patches that appeared over time gave your ordinary jeans a sense of individuality. They were cool. These days you look in all of the shops, but you can't easily find a normal pair of jeans anywhere, they all have worn in patches. It used to be that a band's recorded output only sounded this bad because they couldn't afford the gear, or the studio time, or if you go further back, because the gear hadn't been invented. It was necessity. It was not a chosen aesthetic. It was not a desperate bid to gain credibility from gullible kids who don't know any better, who don't realise that those old bands didn't buy their jeans with holes already in the knee.

The Vaccines are a comment on our society, just not in the way they want to be.

Homework - It's All Over

The synth sound that underlines the chorus of this song makes me think of Trigger Happy TV and I have no idea why. I think it's pretty good, it's not going to change my life, but I would tap the steering wheel if I heard it in my car, you know what I mean?

She Makes War - Never Was (Cajita remix)

This is a bit more like it. It's interesting for sure, layers of sound build up and there is a clear understanding of dynamics. I'm not a huge fan of the dubstep bass that appears for a while, but that's the only bad thing I can say about it. Definitely an interesting song and an artist worth keeping an eye on.

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