Will is away this week so I have taken over the hefty mantel of choosing and presenting the 405 singles of the week. It's rare in my life to have such big and important decisions to make, but I hope the single of the week by Sennen and following four slightly inferior (but still pretty good) singles are to your taste. As we're now leaving winter and travelling through Spring, the best music is about to start coming out. Now, if not always, is certainly a good time to start paying attention to all new releases, so I expect you to listen to following with rapt attention.

Sennen – Vultures

In the latest offering from Sennen, 'Vulture's, a kraut-rock bass line is going to pound you into submission and you're going to like it. Sometimes a good rhythm section can make a song and I would adore' Vultures' even if it only had that fantastic pulse going for it. To entice those who don't have a fetish for bass lines, Sennen have actually done slightly more then repeat the same bass notes over and over again. The tracks builds nicely, guitars joining the fray when necessary to either add to the hypnotic rhythm or screeching melodies over the top. The dreamy, harmonic vocals are also a nice juxtaposition to a song otherwise lacking in elegance. A very strong track that has to be heard and a worthy single of the week!

The Unkindness of Ravens – Last Call For The River

The Unkindness of Ravens have tremendous attitude. From the sexy Karen-O style vocals to the thundering drum machine every element of this track is screaming for attention. While 'Last Call For The River' may have very few elements actually composing it (drum machine, guitar and vocals) but this is a big track. The sort of track that causes you to look like some sort of cocky weirdo as you stride purposefully to the shops. You probably won't mind though because with this sound-tracking your life you'll have all the false self-esteem you'd ever need.

Turnpike Glow – 1986

This latest batch of lo-fi indie-pop from Turnpike Glow has a couple of merits. Firstly it's ludicrously catchy. Sporting a huge whooping chorus that manages to be infectious and yet not particularly annoying. While the lo-fi trappings that wrap the song make it almost difficult to make out the different sounds that make up the massive chorus, there's something in there that's actively working to remain in my brain. Secondly, while this may not be a merit, this is one of the loudest songs I've heard in a while. Everything sounds strained and pushed passed the limit, this creates a fresh vibrant sound that's occasionally quite difficult and tiring to listen to.

Benjamin Shaw – The Birds Chirp and The Sun Shines

To give your now presumably exhausted ears some much needed rest I've now got some lovely low key folk for you. Benjamin Shaw has a understated but strong voice, on this deceptively (given its title) melancholic track he barely manages to emit more than a murmur but manages to leave a lasting impression. Shaw begins with a guitar before being joined by a group of other instruments (including somehow pleasant screeching violins) and always remains at the forefront of the track. Slight noise elements keep the track interesting beyond its raw folky bones but may perplex listeners who were just looking for something to ignore. A worthwhile if unexceptional listen.

Dot Rotten – Are You Not Entertained

To wake you up after those dulcet tones here's some lively UK Hip-Hop! In this bombastic brag-track Dot Rotten casts asides all pretensions of subtlety and plants his flag firmly in your astonished face. Probably ultimately nothing special and we've heard it all before but it's not difficult to predict this song being everywhere in a few months.