So last week was filled was buzzbands aplenty, and this week sees little change, with an absolutely dynamite mix of tracks, from cutesy folk to the fuzz of Splashh, by way of one of my songs of the year in the shape of Tashaki Miyaki. I assume that you are all caught up in Olympic fever - I remained cynical and bitter of the whole thing until it started, and now I'm fully inspired and trying to work out my best event. I thought I'd settled on the long jump, what with being lanky and arrogant, before realising that eight metres is a bloody long way. Like, almost five people lying head to head. What's that all about. I suppose these jokers/genuinely talented athletes are actually pretty good after all. Life goes on though, there's always the Winter Olympics.

Tashaki Miyaki – 'Best Friend'


I just bloody love this song. It's so perfect. I can't put my finger on it, but this really is in my top three songs of the year. I heard this for the first time about a month ago, and now looking back over the past seven months, this is a stand out which I actually remember individually Writing about music, it can be very embarrassing when people ask your favourite track, and you have to splutter and realise that you can't quite recall anything off the top of your head. What I suggest is getting this tattooed to some ill-advised part of your body, and just thrusting it at anybody listening to an iPod, until they change their personality and beliefs to a level where they love this song. It's sweet, it's clever, and it is totally, sincerely spectacular.

Keston Cobbler's Club – 'Your Mother'

Well this is just gorgeous. I have a soft spot about the size of a house for KCC, with the main reason being that they make such beautifully crafted folk music without approaching twee. harmonies and songs that make your heart melt can be a tricky hurdle to negotiate, when still remaining effortlessly contemporary and original, yet Bromley's finest manage it with aplomb. With the long-awaited debut album One, For Words set for release on the 27th of August, this may just be the month that sees KCC gain the public recognition that they so deserve. Composing tracks that can be appreciated by anybody, if not just for the wit and guile behind their apparent simplicity, this is a band set for huge things.

Keel Her – 'With Me Tonight'

Ah lovely stuff. Digressing from her more lo-fi roots, Keel Her has delivered up a dazzling, vulnerable track in the lineage of acts such as Belle & Sebastian This is nice, plain and simple. Such a pleasure to listen to, this may not necessarily be memorable in years to come, but for now it is perfect for quashing those Monday blues and serving as a timely reminder that things are actually pretty good. Well, from a purely selfish point of view of course.

Splashh – 'Need It'

So we round up with the buzzband of the hour, and past five months, Splashh. Already building a substantial backlog of material, and a slot supporting Spector to look forward to, the Hackney group have all the PR and media material in place to succeed, down to the endorsement of Luv Luv Luv Records. So how does the music itself rate? 'Need It' is smashing. Part of the whole nineties grunge school, yet with a nice synth twist that marks them out as just that little bit more substantial, they look like being this year's Yuck. Deserving of the frenzy surrounding them, this is a big summer song, not quite ideal for the rain forecast for the rest of the week.