I have attributed meaning to everything I see. Unwittingly. I learnt it all. My perspective. My interpretation. The way I process this information. The way I place a value on things. I learnt it all. Acknowledge it I might. It does not change a thing. Not a single solid thing. Without destroying all memory I'm to be forever burdened by its influence. Every decision I will ever make is a result of everything that has already happened. As what is happening now affects tomorrow's hindsight. You are a complex equation. You know all this already. It's nothing new.

I'm losing the grip of perspective. I stare at things and beg them to mean anything. Anything at all. I find my thoughts transposed between places. None of it lasts. It flies through my peripheral vision and disappears as quickly as it arrives. I face people caught up in webs of their own attributed meaning. They enter and depart. Imparting the wisdom of their unique interpretation. I think about what happens inside my body between each gasp of air. The particles traveling in my veins. The series of events that need to happen just to move my toes. I take it all for granted. I don't dwell on it. I can't function if I do. When I was a child trying to sleep I'd stop breathing if I realised that I was. I'd have to concentrate on each breathe. A melody breaks through the monotony. Music serves to enhance all feeling. I grant it the highest meaning. I sometimes get caught in my own web. Believing that one sound can be better than another sound. Or can be more valid somehow. I hear beauty in the crescendo of oncoming trains. I feel disgust at Justin Bieber. It all adds up.

Sometimes I forget that I can just enjoy things. I attribute so much meaning to the detail. The label. The scene. The historical context. All of the things except the music. Then I remember that I am mistaken. That music is to be enjoyed. That we cannot have guilty pleasures without some predetermined ideal diminishing our instincts. Who defines what you think about things? Stop second guessing your first thoughts. Be strong in the conviction of your perspective. Be proud to be precisely here. Be open to suggestion and do not close doors just to close them.

Like I said. I'm losing perspective. Forgive me. This week's column features songs that I like and a few sentences about why I like them. To make a change I've only included songs that I like. I hope you enjoy them too. Feel free to use the comment box if you don't.

Rina Sawayama - Sleeping In Waking [Single of the Week]

I like the way this starts off like a standard slow jam and then suddenly gets real. It's adorably fresh sounding whilst retaining enough reference points to the past to tie it all into a lovely little bow. It makes my brain work in the way that I like. Whirring and clicking around like it matters. The different elements fit together like a math rock number but it's actually a big, sexy, pop song which makes me completely seasick. Play it nice and loud to feel the benefit. It is worth it.

Fun fact: If you listen to this song on repeat for an hour or so you will forget how to communicate with other humans.

Phillip Glass - Onit

Another track that has a big swerve. Should I start having spoiler warnings? Starts like it's going to be another average *vibes* track. We're saturated right now, so it's a fair assumption. Then it jumps into crazy, off kilter, out of left field MC territory. Which is fantastic. Sounds a bit like the Arca record we crushed all over last year. Basically, if this gets you going, go back a few years. Start with Anti Pop Consortium and work your way forward. There are lots of offshoots of hip hop that are genuinely interesting to listen to, unlike most of that shit on your radio, these guys are a prime example of that. Utterly captivating.

Fuzz - Sleigh Ride

It's all about the riff. The big meaty riff. Getting dirty great riff all over your face. It's exhilarating. It's so totally enjoyable that hundreds of bands are doing this again. Music is cyclic in nature etc etc. It's ok etc etc. Fuzz are one of the few that are doing it justice, by doing it well. It reminds me of being twelve years old and discovering that filthy loud guitars feel like jumping off a cliff into the cold cold sea. I almost forgot, I'm supposed to say Ty Segall's name three times per paragraph whilst discussing any project of his. Ty Segall. Ty Segall.

O Emperor - Holy Fool

This starts as quickly as it ends, but it's relentlessly good while it lasts. When it does shock finish you realise that it all happened in two and a half minutes and you begin to question your understanding of time. The louder you play this the better it sounds.

Ski Lodge - Just To Be Like You

Every single one of these tracks could have been my single of the week. I say that because I have a massive crush on this song. The juxtaposition of upbeat music and downbeat lyrics always makes me weak at the knees, but when it's done this well, it makes me gooey. Old folks and wise sage types will be instantly dismissive of this, they'll use words like 'preppy' and say it's 'been done before' but ignore them, they are missing the point. I bet they get down to Fuzz, because of Ty Segall, because it fits into their boxed ideal of retroism. It's a misplaced comprehension of righteousness. They have forgotten how to listen to things without being buried under all the layers of bullshit. It is ok to just have fun. To just enjoy things. Imagine being a 16-year-old kid that got crazy on the first Vampire Weekend record. That kid is now 20 and making songs like this. Music is cyclical etc etc. It's not a problem etc etc.

Minus The Bear - Listing

If I'm honest, I thought Minus The Bear had disappeared into the ether years ago. I had a massive thing for Highly Refined Pirates when it came out. It was so American. So alien to me. Like something good was actually happening in all those teen dramas that you didn't admit to watching. The same shows you claim authority over now they are retro enough to be cool. See earlier comment about layers of bullshit. It seems that in the years since then they have dropped the 'mathy' complex pop parts (the defining part of 'good') and just tried to soundtrack the big bonfire party on the beach scene. There is a cheerleader crying. The football players are drunk and brawling. They knock over the keg. As the camera pans out you see the quintessential 'you'. Walking hand in hand with the nerdy girl that was only pretty with her hair untied. Flames flicker across the sand. Your footprints lead into the dark as the credits roll.

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