Following a strong start for Love Inks and We Are Enfant Terrible last week, The Goldberg Sisters burst into an unassailable lead with a final showing of 77.73%. Though I was initially unsure of 'Shush', I've since discovered that it is the side-project of actor Adam Goldberg (Eddie from Friends) and I'm now fully supportive of the decision, and intent on finding a way to maximise this and eventually become best friends with him. I firmly believe that it is practical. A Hollywood life would suit me. This week sees a fairly mixed bag of releases, from more disco-synth revival stuff to chillwave to Jamie Woon. Without further ado, here's my Single of the Week; Big Deal. The best of the rest from this week follow, and as ever, get voting at the bottom and let me know what you think.
Big Deal - 'Talk'
Photobucket Big Deal are going to be a big deal. A very lazy joke, but I'm afraid I'm quite tired, plus it's too obvious a chance to miss. This is a very apt title for the slacker twosome, half American and half English, who look to have put themselves under huge pressure by releasing an absolute gem of an anthem as their debut release. Where can they go from here? 'Talk' is a hormonal, raw track combining a harmonised mixed vocal over a grungy acoustic guitar. The more you listen you'll find depths unfathomed on the first listen, as the song develops over it's three minutes into a desperate, electric howl of isolation. It's a bluesy, bratty lament of unrequited love- “All I wanna do is talk/ But seeing you fucks me up”- and it's amazing. For music's sake, I hope they never get over it.
Fight Like Apes - 'Jenny Kelly'
I've ended up falling in love with Fight Like Apes, just after being so nice about Big Deal. This is a fizzy, furious pop belter, coming off all sexy and terrifying at the same confused moment. Forget trying to pigeon-hole and disappearing into the quagmire that is defining FLA, simply rest assured that the track is a frenetic burst of keyboards with tumultuous drumming informing what is quite frankly a glorious song. I keep thinking of Be Your Own Pet, but this is a smarter, maturer band at the top of their game, who've firmly found their niche and deserve to exploit it far beyond their native Ireland.
Jamie Woon - 'Lady Luck'
Forget the BBC Sound of 2011 and the hype, Jamie Woon has an undoubtedly beautiful voice and is doing something which I feel is hugely missing from the British music scene. Bollocks to this RnB pop shit on Radio 1, this is a genuinely contemporary soul song, and it is blinding. Woon has a real talent, there's no unnecessary studio mastery, you can check out his Al Fresco performance on Youtube, and I honestly think he has the potential to rewrite his scene. There's John Legend, and late 90s hip hop in there; this is an attempt to access American influences and change them into something exciting and fresh, and it doesn't half work.
James Pants - 'Clouds Over The Pacific'
Remember the whole furore over chillwave and Toro Y Moi? Mr Pants is a tad late, but this is a still a cracking tune, taking a funky bassline, under a nursery rhyme vocal, completed with the sound of running water, just because. There is the shimmering harpsichord, competing with jangling guitar to create the soundscapes more applicable to Causers Of This than Underneath The Pine. It perhaps lacks an accessibility, but has a certain depth.
Belleruche - '3 Amp Fuse'
There's definitely a nostalgic vibe to this week's singles, this time with Belleruche trying 90's dance on for size. A slightly awkward vocal over garage drums, and an ominous bass, with a strings influx and you're spent, giving it five minutes and a shower before racing back for a more familiar and less embarrassing round two. The appeal lies in the honesty of delivery; there is an ease of listening to the track which threatens to undermine the subtleties of the song. Give it your full attention and reap the aural rewards.
Friends Electric - 'Something You Should Know'
Meh. I wasn't a big fan of Wolf Gang a couple of weeks ago, and I'm no kinder disposed to this. It is another symptom of this whole Delphic epidemic sweeping the charts; disco pop rubbish based in banal lyrics about gravity and love. Please just grow up and learn about guitars and angst. It'll be much more interesting, whatever the 80's may say.
Everything Everything - 'Final Form'
You all know Everything Everything by now; awkward, jerking art pop from Manchester via Newcastle and Tunbridge Wells. There's only so much I can say about this without regurgitating all the usual spiel; it is a casual, dreamy song rooted in a soaring falsetto harmony which has rapidly become their staple, whilst remaining dancey enough to remain a genuinely relevant pop song. Everything Everything are a breath of fresh air in comparison to Friends Electric (above), showing true innovation in electronics and vocal manipulation, without getting all pretentious and proud.
Beau and the Arrows - 'Fix'
Proper shoegaze stuff this, and I quite like it. Very Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, though veers dangerously close to the Ting Tings in the verse, saving itself through the mesmerising mixed sex vocal. Always a winner. There is still a sense of confusion, trying to find a specific sound, but this comes across more as precocious whimsy (what a ridiculous phrase, sorry) than naivety. It ticks all the boxes of a dreamy romp through the usual love and lust, and stamps enough personality across the track to leave a lingering sense of curiosity.