It's that time of the year when everything is simultaneously winding down and ramping up for the end of the year. Like a spinning top on a table. I'm about ready to fall and smash on the kitchen floor. As I write this I'm negotiating three other windows buying christmas presents for the people I love.

I'm not a christian, to the point where I refuse to spell god with a capital g, but I enjoy the ritual of buying gifts for people. Things they do not want or need. I like to fill other peoples houses with shit. Shit that people work themselves to death to make for peanuts. That's the kind of shit I like to buy people. Shit that's made of substances that will never degrade and we had to destroy a forest or something beautiful to get at. That's the shit I like to buy people. I need my presents cheap, poorly made and forgettable. I need them dangerous for children, damaging to the environment, and totally worthless in a week. I need to stockpile that shit. I need to queue for it. Fight over it. Wrap it in the bloodwork of an ancient forest. Tape it up with something an animal will hopefully choke on and die. I need these things to happen. I need a red truck in an advert by a union leader killing, groundwater stealing, multinational corporation to declare it open season to fuck everything. Work them into a frenzy boys. WAAAAAARRRGGGHHHHHHHOOOOOOOO.

In the words of the immortal jesus henry christ, fuck that shit. Here are your singles of the week:

No Ceremony - 'AWAYFROMHERE'

To make effective music for my headphones you must create a space for my mindset to inhabit. You must allow the breathing room for me to populate it with whatever the fuck is going on in my head. I appreciate the occasional signpost but please keep it vague enough for me to at least create my own metaphors, so that I can draw my conclusions, believing we're on the same page. Maintain a steady pace and allow me to drift through the world behind the plate glass of my own existence without any sudden movements. I do not not want to break free. I want a duvet of sound between me and the strangers forever. I want to be a tourist. I want to have stealth. To drift between the people unnoticed, going about my business, without forming any bonds or reliance. I do not want your eye contact or your touch. I want to remain lost in my thoughts. Eyes glazed. Head nodding or neck twisting to a steady rhythm. I want to be a ghost in the world. A body to step around. Leave me to dream intact. Let me roam. I will be happy, and for a brief moment, I will be free.

Spring Offensive - 'The River'

This is a good song. I am a big fan of Spring Offensive so don't expect me to be anything like objective here by the way. This song proves that they can pluck a sultry mood out of the ether, they are very good musicians, that much is evident in all of their music. I do think they are trying to be quite dark here when they should really just let the light to shine in. They do the soaring chorus a great service, and obviously they can't just sit in the same gear for every song, but it does feel like this one is wanting to burst out. It just doesn't.

They'll probably have a pretty good 2014. Their album is one that I'm really looking forward to. I think they'll probably fill that Alt-J / Dry The River Q1 hype void that we shovel bands into each year. I hope they make something of it. I hope the wait for an album will be worth it.

Then Thickens - 'Restart Your Heart'

These guys have been around for ages. Their song 'Shut Your Blinds Then' soundtracked the break up before the break up before the break up that hurt. It's nice to see/hear that they are making a go of it now. It's rock music, obviously, you've got ears. It doesn't break any moulds. Should it have to? Is that a prerequisite for good music? I'll answer. No. They still manage to make something interesting here though, so don't let me being a bastard get in your way.

Jon-Lee Martin and his new band have managed to craft this unrelenting riff into a fluid song. They add to it subtly all the way through and honestly, I am hooked, locked in, or whatever the fuck the relevant comment is right now. If you are a fan of the rock music then you really should be listening to bands like Then Thickens.

Post Ape - 'The World Is Over'

There is a nice undercurrent hiding behind the big staccato synth. Enough for me to want to feature it. Although it's as subtle as a brick to the face isn't it?

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