I wrote a long and miserable intro but I deleted it. I figure I only exist as the provider of consumable music, so I should at least smile at you whilst you eat it all up. Here are six songs to tell your friends about :) Here are your singles of the week:

Mixed Blood Majority - 'Same Thing Coming'

Mixed Blood Majority is Crescent Moon, Joe Horton & Lazerbeak. You can hashtag that "squad goals" if it makes it easier - whatever you need. This track shows off the relentless nature of Lazerbeak's production, features Andrew Broder scratching, and it bangs. What else do you need?

Kaleida - 'Detune'

This is a totally ok song that builds around the edges of one idea until it doesn't anymore. I like it, but i resent myself for liking it because [opinion redacted].

Burkini Beach - 'Kitchen Sink'

Any song that has the line "I tried to drown myself in the kitchen sink" before lurching towards its emotional peak is ok with me. I mean, I don't mean that at all, but in this case it's true. The song is ok with me.

Quilt - 'Eliot St'

Music that has a cinematic quality, with lyrics that are ambiguous first person enough to rope me in to empathising, that builds upon itself and walks me down a path while I stare at my bedroom ceiling with my headphones on. That is the music for me. This is the first song from an album that comes out in February next year, that fact alone makes me think about the irrepressible march of time, but the world spins so fast that it's not worth worrying about. I'm sure you'll hear a lot more about Quilt in the new year.

Saint Sister - 'Castles'

There is more than one way to find weight, attach it to a stranger and pull them down into a world you made, but this song is one of the most satisfying ways I can imagine. All kinds of thoughts and memories are stirred up as all the gentle waves resonate. Taking a few minutes to dwell on a song like this is one life's greatest gifts, but let's never forget that it is a great privilege, let's always be grateful.

Port St Willow - 'Ordinary Pleasure'

This is a late night/early morning journey into your own psyche if you need one. There is so much room to breathe, yet it's such a controlled explosion, such a measured response to a complex reaction. I'm sold, I'm in, I'm fully signed up. Excitingly it seems like Holiday was only the beginning. This is taken from the album Syncope, which comes out later this month.

I think that's quite enough. I promise to give this column all of the care and attention that something that is outdated and overlooked in a couple of days deserves. All except one of the PR's that I copied and pasted last week emailed me again asking me to feature their songs. I didn't have the heart to say that I had. You can submit your music to The 405 by using your initiative and clicking around the site, although I will unsubscribe from your mailing list. Have a great day.