Hello millennial males.

You can't just hang a 'no girls allowed' sign on your piece of the internet, continue to cast moral judgement, and expect people to still give a shit about what you think. The internet is not your treehouse. Here are your singles of the week:

Fog Lake - 'Shanty Town'

The rule is, "If it's on Orchid Tapes it's worth listening to" and 'Victoria Park' by Fog Lake is no exception to that. The video made by Tyler T. Williams for 'Shanty Town' is perfectly suited to the music, it's full of the grainy introspection of hindsight, it's made me revisit the album which I loved when I listened to it but lost in the never ending volume of music. This is perfect music for autumn and it's autumn right now.

Field Music - 'The Noisy Days Are Over'

I like to think that at some point in my lifetime the music of the Brewis brothers will become recognised for being some of the greatest pop music to emerge from our little island under the rain cloud. It will be a good day, the sun will finally shine and a handful of smug arseholes will say "I fucking told you" but you'll still have the freedom to ignore them like you did the first time round. Great job.

Einar Indra - 'Thoughts'

Einar Indra has been working towards this point since his debut album was released last year. We find him making music that is clearer and more focussed than ever before. Earning his place as part of the next generation of Icelandic artists with the potential to make waves across the world. In short, this is like that bullshit modern soul shit you listen to but with a bit more to it.

Mom Tudie - 'Through Flames'

I have this rule which states quite simply, "If Tom Johnson says it's worth checking out, you should check it out." This Mom Tudie track featured on his Goldflakepaint blog and blew my tiny mind into about a million pieces. I couldn't count them because my mind was in lots of pieces across the floor at the time. I make no apologies for that. As you listen, note how your brain says "oh it's that, oh no it's more than that" at least three times. A+.

Sports - 'Get Bummed Out'

There are a million shitty bands making shitty indie pop right now. Luckily, 'Get Bummed Out' is not shitty indie pop, it is really enjoyable indie pop. It makes me want to put on 'Evan is a Vegan' by Arrah and the Ferns and bounce around my flat like I'm young and free and stupid. Oh god, the vocal delivery in this song is something else and it's short enough to hammer four or five times in a row without tiring of it. You should probably do that. Oh, the album is called All Of Something and it's coming out soon.

Okokon - 'Contelest'

This isn't the easiest of listens but it fucks with me enough to keep my thoughts fresh. It resets the thought process, subtly, without making a show of it. Scratching the same itch as good ambient music does but in a totally different way.

Eluvium - 'Confessor'

Eluvium have just announced a box set that costs 18 million pounds. Buying it basically guarantees that your quality of life will improve. It comes with bumper stickers that say, "My hedge fund is totally ethical" and "My Audi runs on the broken harp strings of the angels above us." It's totally cool. If you buy it you immediately disappear into your own thoughts and you're eventually faced with the choice between real life and your imagination. You're no longer sure which is which, and although it probably doesn't matter, it does mean that if you get it wrong your enemies can fuck around with your comatose body until the drones stop.

Well I guess that happened, I think that's quite enough. I promise to give this column all of the care and attention that something that is outdated and overlooked in a couple of days deserves. You can submit your music to The 405 by using your initiative and clicking around the site, although I will unsubscribe from your mailing list. Have a great day.