From this window the land is bordering the sea, an unnamed estuary shines a metallic glare that looks impossible, inhuman. Like how I'm supposed to comprehend close up pictures of the moons surface. Which I never can. Above the dull grey clouds that conceal England from it, the sun is bright and shining glorious upon my skin. As we fly over the sea the clouds change shape and I type these words so as not to consider engine failure, death, and the prospect of never laughing with her again. I vow to approach my life the way I approach getting on a plane.

To realise that any minute it could end abruptly. Make Peace. Life is fragile and you can only control your own choices. Ultimately someone else's choice could make you pay. Make peace with that. Make the most of everything you have. Try to be constantly overwhelmed by both the absurdity, and the beauty of life. Make a home but do not settle. Get comfortable but do not rest. Try to influence everyone around you to utilise the skills they have. Remember that people make you rich, not money. Make art, make music, make worlds with words. Inspire yourself. Don't get caught up in the monotony of routine. Always seek to taste new flavours. Don't get angry at the small things. Don't waste your life trying to change the big things you can't. Remember that birds always take off from the ground. Be strong. Be stronger. Be the strongest. Sometimes strength means not attempting to pick it up in the first place. Breathe. Breathe when you get caught up in yourself. Breathe when you forget that you are alive. When you forget how to focus. When you forget that you can let things slide. Breathe and remember. Life is fragile. You have to make peace with that. It has to be ok. Breathe. There sure is a lot of ocean for you to crash into, but all you can see from the sky is silver linings.

Here are your Singles of the Week:

Los Angeles Police Dept - 'Enough Is Enough'

This is great. Equal parts dreamy and foot-stomping. Alternative American music at its best. A short, sharp, velvet glove slapping your face into paying attention to it. I'm not going to spaff hyperbole all over this, instead of reading a few paragraphs, use the time to stare in the middle distance, listen to the track three or four times in a row, and realise how great it is.

Vladimir - 'Come Over'

These guys are young, ok, they're young. Everything you will inevitably read about them will start by telling you how young they are, and how they sound like Joy Division, which they don't by the way. Joy Division never harnessed dynamics like this. I'm in no way saying Vladimir are better than Joy Division. Just that they're different, more willing to ramp up through the gears within the song. They'll tell you it's visceral too. They'll roll out all the cliches. They should just say. Hey. Listen to this. It's pretty good. But they don't, they roll out the cliches and you eat them all up. They have to do it because they lie. If they approached their critique honestly then you could trust them to say. Hey this is good, and you'd believe them, but they don't. They lie. For whatever reason. They lie.

They'll say... These young Scottish lads, with an average age of 18 no less, harness the visceral energy of Joy Division. Creating bleak dystopian soundscapes like a swift Orwellian boot in the face.

When they should just say...If these kids from Scotland can make mopey indie sound like this without outside interference at 18, then perhaps we should leave them alone to perfect their craft for a few more years, so that they have a fighting chance to make something truly exciting and genius. Of course they won't leave them alone. They'll be floating on a post Savages wave, pupils flashing dollar signs, they'll sign them up and ruin them. They'll promise lots and deliver little. They'll ruin them. Just like so many before them. Don't worry about that though dear reader, it's all part of the system and there are plenty of other bands. There are always plenty of willing participants.

Coastal Cities - 'Bad Dream'

There is always an underground doing better versions of things from the mainstream. Sadly, this isn't it. I'm sure there are teenagers who'll see Coastal Cities support a band they like and they'll love their brand of pop indie. I'm sure they will. What I'm not sure of, is whether that will amount to anything, and whether or not I should care.

Born Ruffians - Permanent Hesitation

I saw Born Ruffians years back. They supported Caribou and they were insanely good. All gang vocals and jerky riffs. Me and my friends quickly became obsessed with Red, Yellow and Blue. Then they released their second album which I don't think anybody got obsessed with. Luke Lalonde took some time, did a couple of guest spots, then made a solo album which was actually really good. It established him as a singer songwriter of some stature and not just a one album wonder. Thankfully.

Now it's not that I don't like this. I do. It's that Born Ruffians used to be a band. This is the second video I've seen from their media go-round for third record Birthmarks and both have just featured the singer. They were a great band. Now they are a pretty good vehicle for a singer-songwriter. I guess it's a little like how on the hit television show, Friends, the character Joey was pretty funny. But when they made a whole show for him...

That analogy doesn't work for me because I hated Friends. So I guess it's more like Cheers and Frasier. Except that I really like Frasier. Ok. So it's nothing like any of this, it's just, not as good as it could be. Which is a massive shame.

Paradise - Stars Shine Bright

I don't think that Madchester is worth aspiring to. Fuck that.

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