I'll be honest with you. I've fried my brain listening to Mark McGuire on repeat. Try it. Listen to the song below three or four times and try and talk to someone. Try looking them in the eye. There is nothing I can say to you. Instead of trying to find words I've just picked out four really, really, pretty good songs to share with you. That's all you want though isn't it? You all just skip past my preambles anyway.

Here are your Singles of the Week:

Mark McGuire - 'The Instinct'

Mark McGuire is future Bill and Ted. Don't make me spell that out to you. Just 'get' the reference. The dude is wild. You'll need patience to listen to his music but if you persevere with it you will find riches beyond your wildest dreams.

Olde Worlde - 'Thinking About You'

This is a twee little Postal Service song that I can't stop listening to. Nothing really stands out but there are enough bits of other things I like to make me like it. If it was backed by masses of money I'm sure I'd hate it but seeing as it seems to be made by a genuine dude you kinda find yourself wanting to like it.

Simian Ghost - 'A Million Shining Colours'

This is so clean. My pores have never felt so good. I like it when they harmonise the word 'baby'. It leaves me quivering. It'll be compared to The Beach Boys all day long but The Beach Boys were alright at the music weren't they so I'm not sure I care.

Quilt - 'Tired and Buttered'

This has that whole nuance free Field Music vibe going on and i quite like it. Listen to it. Decide for yourself. I'm going to listen to Mark McGuire again.

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Wil Cook is a fan of music. He is the Music Editor of The 405 and he cannot hide his severe dislike for writing in third person anymore. To prove that no-one reads this bit, here is his personal twitter account to aim your abuse at.