The Victorians, bless them, foretold the death of the English language from their shit filled streets because of the telegram. They never even held an iPhone 5.

Of course our language isn't dead, as long as hipsters angle themselves as grammar nazis whilst ironically cutting nouns as a sign of creative individuality, it's positively simmering with life. It's our attention span that will kill our language. It's our attention span that will kill our fight back. Our attention span. Our attention. We alpha sleep through multiple tasks at once. Nothing settles in the focal point of our mind. I tweet whilst watching. I listen whilst reading. My eyes keep moving as I dream through a few pages. I maintain my image through the classics. Skim reading intellectualism to benefit my image in the mind's eye of others. We've devised procrastination tools aimed cleverly, at the self, at the human caught in their own webs. Unwittingly confused collections of vibrating particles consigned to a lifetime of attributed meaning and the bondage that brings with it.

The perils of image maintenance.

We tweet and update our circles of following friends, believing we are at the centre of it all, that we are as important as we were led to believe in infancy. That we are not the same muddied proles in the non-speaking roles throughout history. The history we watched on television. The images we retained. Our internal monologues devise motive and implications to fill in all the spaces with empathy, our empathy, we can only assign our own equations onto the actions of others. This is all we can do. I find myself almost exclusively listening to music that heightens the experience of being alive. Clinging onto the absurdity of all things at all times. There is no rage or circumstance that cannot be diffused by saying "we are just vibrating matter condensed".

We are all obsessed with the self in a world on fire, but if we are only matter then what does it matter if we don't even watch it burn?

Ignorance is strength, here are your singles of the week...

Lapland - 'Unwise'

Further to what I've said already about absurdity, this is a song that feels like a dream sequence. Like talking to strangers from behind glass. What is at once calm and considered on the outside, on the inside can be screaming and shaking wild fists as the mascara runs. It's a real beauty. Glossy and busy yet full of space. It is engaging background music. Which is all you really want as music just occupies one of the senses whilst utilising the others, doesn't it?

Hejira - 'Litmus Test'

This is a slow building crescendo that you can apply to your own life. The culmination of some important thought process or the ending of some difficult journey. Perhaps the daydream montage of a long day as you travel home, whilst leaning your forehead against the window of your mode of transport. You sit perfectly still as people scurry like rats in fast forward around you.

Los Porcos -' Sunshine'

It shows now, that Ellery James Roberts took all the deep thinking out of Wu Lyf, leaving some pretty riffs but no real substance. It is sad to think of something once so steeped in the meaningful exchange of ideas reduced to this bullshit wannabe 80s party music. Why celebrate the decade of corporate excess and their refinement of our decline? We lost.

Chvrches - 'The Mother We Share'

On that note, when did we start celebrating the vapid and bereft of imagination? When did we start to delight in the beige and the bland?

At some point this, this, became the pinnacle of music to the indie press. Coerced by teams of PRs and promises into championing this, this, the most average of pop music. Before you start, I don't have a problem with pop music per se (or PRs for that matter). Everything has it's place and I adore music of practically every genre. I find myself repelled by the critical response to intelligent marketing. We are told This is cool. This is what the kids want. Look again. It has no redeeming features. Not even when drenched in irony for you hipster dickheads. Stop chasing an idea of what is cool, what other people want, and start having some faith in your own judgement. Stop being so goddamn insecure. Be bold. Decide for yourself if something is good or bad and be fucking honest about it. The fun thing about having your own opinion is that it is yours, and it is never wrong. So free yourself.

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