This is a story that requires a preamble. Those of you that know me, and those that are aware of my personal social media brand, will know. I injured my spine about ten months ago. I spent about 3 months not being able to walk, and since then I've been struggling. Living with chronic pain is a life changing experience. Everything I do is governed by - no, coloured by - constant pain. I've had to adapt how I do things so that I don't restrict what it is that I do. The risk is that you stop doing some things altogether, making it much harder to recover, psychologically at least. As it is the brain you have to battle once the body has settled into it's limitations. Your brain, other people, and their brains. When you have an obvious ailment, people automatically assume that a) you want to talk about it with them, and b) you want to hear their individual insight into whatever the hell is wrong with you.

So I found myself sitting in a pub holding a whisky and listening to this fella who had a different set of circumstance to me. He was explaining how I would never get better, or how, after a couple of years of thinking I was better it would happen again and I'd be back at square one. How that cycle would repeat for the rest of my life. Thinking I was better, and then not being better, like the pauses between his sentences. I glazed over and let his words wash over me. Nodding and smiling in the gaps. At first I talked myself through the audacity of telling someone in obvious pain that it would never leave them. I calmed as it dawned on me. The restrictive nature of the human experience. I realised there and then that he could not be blamed. He could only relate to me, to anything, from his own perspective. From his own history. He could only apply his own individual set of circumstance onto mine, with his own delivery, which I could only perceive with mine. My set of rules and expectations, determined by my current situation, governed by my own experience.

These intangible nuances of each human connection cloud every interaction and lay unmentioned. It's how you greet my smiled hello with a scowl, and how I don't act disappointed. More than that. It's how I listen to an album once in the midst of something else, decide that it is awful and don't listen again. How I hear it six months later by chance and it becomes my favourite record. The way you hear a piano line in your favourite song that you never noticed before and now it is all you can hear when you listen to it. How music you loved from your childhood now sounds awful. How the things you got told were good, that you wrote off, are now actually good. It's how you listen. How you judge. How you do the math, and how you react to the answers you find. How the answers are always changing. How nothing will ever be the same as precisely now. How you understand that it's ok. How it will still have to be ok tomorrow.

It's all wrapped up in the way that guy smiled at me. In every note I ever heard, every word I ever spoke, every thought bubble that I have burst. The circumstance of our collective situation. All possible outcomes. Tied intrinsically to chance. Beautiful, chaotic, continual, chance happenings that make even the most restricted of lives worth living. As you push and shove on the tube, drink a beer, mock someone else's grammar, create a spreadsheet, listen to a record. As you do whatever it is you do, for pleasure, or for fun. Remember to enjoy every single different thing that happens to you. It all adds up.

Here are your singles of the week:

Fuck Buttons - 'Brainfreeze'

Personally, I'm not convinced something this visceral needs a video. Fuck Buttons make music so vivid that I find it hard to do anything other than listen whilst it plays. Typing this is like trying to avoid a car crash on the motorway whilst texting with one hand. Weaving through the wreckage. "K hun, C U later <3" A plume of smoke catches your eye as a screeching car spins sideways into your path and the end is near and it's ok. Blah blah blah. Make your own imagery. Just remember to take ear plugs to their gigs. Stay safe out there.

Ghost Twins - 'Unknown Animal'

This is one of those songs that makes you hate soundcloud. You can feel the song is building without seeing exactly when it is going to take off. I don't want to be anticipating "the drop" with anything other than my ears, ffs. This song does feel a little like two songs. Or they just got carried away dragging out that intro. Still, it's ok, I like it. Once it has got going it kinda blows your hair back. Which is fine I guess. Y'know. Synths and that.

Dems - 'Canvas World (Feat Claudie)'

This is pretty harmless. For about thirty seconds you think this song is going to go somewhere. Then it doesn't but you don't get sad because you weren't drawn in enough to care. So Claudie has got one of those sultry breathy voices that everyone likes. Lets call it the Dido. It could be full of emotional feelings but then, and this is all I hear, she could be singing all the different names for 'beige' from a dulux colour chart. "perfect oyster, field mouse, gentle fawn, parchment paper, biscuit fucking beige."

Khushi - 'Magpie'

I guess this is how the cycle spins itself. If you stand in one place for long enough you can watch it go, and you can watch it roll around again. Kids that once longed to be Matthew and the Atlas (I'm making that up) are now back making dogshit indie. It's ambient nothingness is overwhelming until it out Nationals the actual National. "I want you not somebody" sounds startlingly familiar as a refrain. It probably isn't (it is). The whole thing is wonderfully put together as you'd expect, he is obviously super talented etc etc.

I guess I should champion this just to have something to champion. We need to fill all this space with something. Let's just continually champion new things. It's good as long as you haven't heard it. It's better than good if we mentioned it first. It's the best thing that has ever been made by anyone if you haven't heard it, we mentioned it first, and then some other music nerd decides they like it too. I love a nice warm buzz. Like pissing in a pool. I'm not worn down by the constant hyperbole. I'm not tired of it at all.

Sunwolf - 'Push It'

I like this. It has a nice feel to it. Don't get me wrong, I hate the cheesy "you got it" bit in the middle, but other than that it's pretty ok. If my life was a movie then this would be playing through the drinking montage from when I first started dating my wife to be, when we went out all the time and drank too much and had all sorts of stupid fun. I like thinking about my life as a movie. I like working out its soundtrack.

Benin City - 'Wha Gwan'

Ok. This is interesting. I like this a lot actually, there is quite a lot going on here underneath the surface. You could use this in new band school as an example of how to take many different influences and not really sound like any one of them. Which is what we want, isn't it?

Use the internet to be influenced by everything without borders. You have no boundaries. There is nothing stopping you but yourselves. Take everything. Make something new. Something beautiful. It's too easy to sound like the things you love. Take what you love and make something that represents you. Something pure. Something without motive. Something unparalleled. Something honest. Something so intrinsically fucking you that only you could make it. Then you'll be a success. Fuck everything else.

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