I've been writing these singles columns for nearly the whole year. I know, doesn't time fly when you can't feel your feet? Regular readers will know this already, it's hardly a secret, I hate music. All music. Without question. It's disgusting, sick filth, should be banned, etc etc.

Don't take that wrong. There isn't a punchline.

Over the course of the year, whilst getting on and off my soapbox at crazy corner, I've realised just how far the very idea of a 'single' has changed. When I was a kid I used to buy 7"s in Andys Records for £3.99. They had a little box underneath the LP's. I'd kneel down and spend my pocket money on the ones that looked interesting, the ones with the nicest covers, and I'm not even that old. The single is now predominantly digital only. In a lot of cases, it's just the lead track from an album, it's just the song they made a video for. Most of the stuff I get sent doesn't have a release date. It's just "the band have made *the song* available to stream/watch". There are even plenty of 'singles' from EPs, which just blows my tiny mind. I'm not saying that singles don't get pressed and released. We both know that they do. I'm saying that most of the bands/songs I choose to cover in this column don't release their music like that any more because it's not cost effective.

You know what. I hate that I just typed that. I hate that I feel I have to pre-emptively cover my tracks. On the defensive after one too many trolls. I mean fuck that right? Fuck second guessing yourself.

What I've tried to do with this column is give you a human response to the songs that I hear. Unapologetically discussing genuine human feelings to a piece of music. I'm much more interested in that, than a list of facts you can harvest online within a couple of clicks, or a press release that you can read regurgitated across a number of sites. Seems lazy to me. Pointless. More than that. Makes me a little angry. To think that these people are making money from other peoples art. Kind of feel a little cheated by it, but anyway, I didn't set out to write this.

I'm going to take a few weeks off for christmas. I'm not christian, but I enjoy the excuse to take a break, personally it's been a long shitty year and I can't wait for it to be behind me. When the column returns in the new year I'm going to tweak the format a bit. I don't think anyone is interested in these long rambling intros, most of you have already skipped past this to prove my point, so I'll do away with them. Instead I'll focus on the songs. I might even start covering some pop songs. I know you lot love pop music. Sick minded fools. I'll certainly not just be covering the 'traditional' singles. I'll be opening the floodgates to a whole world of good new music.

Anyway. I made a playlist of songs that I've covered this year, that despite what I say, I really like. You can call them singles of the year if you like. Call them whatever you like. It's just a good soundtrack to thirty seven and a half minutes of your life. You should listen to them. Tell your friends if you like them. Sharing is caring my Mum always said.

If you'd like your single reviewed on a future edition of 'Singles of the Week', or have any tips for us, please email us. Please include a link to something embeddable (youtube video/Soundcloud/Bandcamp etc) and put the release date within the body of the email. Thank you x

Wil Cook is a fan of music. He is the Music Editor of The 405 and he cannot hide his severe dislike for writing in third person anymore. To prove that no-one reads this bit, here is his personal twitter account to aim your abuse at.