I've been sitting in an office. Listening as the news rolls out of radio speakers, their playlists etch themselves into my consciousness, I'm unwittingly mastering the nuances of its language. I begin to cry.

Here are my singles of the week:

Jake Bugg - 'Country Song'

The 1975 - 'The City'

Paramore - 'Still Into You'

These bands were not made for me. Unsurprisingly, considering our recession hit society, they have been designed, branded and marketed to be thrown at that all-powerful disposable teen income. Along with Bastille, Bullying, Carly Rae, Disclosure, Voting for singers and not for freedom, Peace, Spotify, Literary ignorance, Grimmy, Google-telligence, liking pages of One Direction touch screens, Lacking the emotional intelligence to understand consequences of internet porn inspired sex, following back, 24 hour TV channels full of nothing, Bieber featuring Will.I.Am loving/hating Chris Brown ad infinitum, etc etc, forever and ever, amen.

All seemingly intrinsic to youth culture. Soaked in antiseptic. Afraid of speaking out, of being free. Rebelling as required. Nothing we haven't seen before. Selling tools practiced. Knives sharpened. Each and every thread from the fabric of our culture pulled to the furthest unnatural point. Finite the process. Cut out the slack. Maximise profit. Minimise bad publicity. Weave threads into an argyle sweater. Buy the means of publicity with one arm. Marginalize the independent with the other. Talk with the loudest voice in the middle. Denounce the different. Keep them on the fringes, crazy. Sell uniforms for sub-groups. Preach conformity within tribes. All revenue streams flow one way. Unopposed.

No punks. No raves. No progress. Just controlled detonations.

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