I was riding the central line into town, eyes closed, muscles tensed. Black Polygons drones were making a melody of the track noise. Opening half an eye at each stop to check my surroundings. An old lady got on and sat by the door. At the next stop a man and boy got on. I moved so they could sit together. The lady shifted her weight to turn and face me. She said, have you seen the sky today? It's beautiful. If you need answers just look into the clouds.

For the first time I looked at her. You don't really look at strangers. You look through them. You dissect their life story in a glance full of assumptions. Nothing sinks in. You're always moving. The lines around her eyes showed years of smiles. Contorted. Clearly insane.

Perfectly white teeth grinned past her thin curving lips. When you live in the city sometimes the only truth is found by looking up. She says. Anyway this is my stop. I hope you enjoy yourself when you get to where you are going.

...and I began to question my attitude.

Here are this weeks singles.

Arcade Fire - 'Reflektor'

Oh. What did you expect? I wrote this. I haven't been able to dance for nine months but this makes me want to try. I have listened to it about 50 times and I keep hearing things I missed. My only worry is that the album won't actually be as good as the hype. Hype I only added to, granted. I'm guilty of getting excited about things I like. Deal with it.

Society - '14 Hours'

I approach this column slightly differently to the way you'd expect. When I am sent singles to review by PR companies or whoever I strip away all of the words they send with the songs. I lose all the rhetoric and all of the things that might bias my opinion before I listen to the songs. In the same way when I am given a mixtape by a friend I'll listen to it before I look at the tracklisting. I just keep a streaming link and a release date. This approach not only keeps me honest but it keeps me interested. Listening fatigue is a serious problem. Imagine your job was slowly taken up with reading all that joke spam from your good old Uncle Dickhead. It gets a bit like that some days.

The point is that I don't know anything about the bands apart from what I already know. Which, in the case of Society is absolutely nothing. I figure this wholly unprofessional approach allows me to discuss the actual music. Which I almost always never do. So this song sounds like the Belgium based 90s trip-hop band Hooverphonic fronted by Richard Ashcroft. I can't decide if I like it, I just know I keep listening to it. I had a real crush on Unkle back in the day so it stands that I should like it. Even though the beats aren't as interesting as Shadows. Decide for yourself is what i'm saying.

Like a pro.

Moodoïd - 'Je suis la Montagne'

I can listen to this. I'm not convinced I could party to this, but, I don't have any problem listening. It's decent.

I guess if I was to go to one of their shows I'd spend the whole night analysing the type of dickhead that goes to these shows. Pretending to have as much fun as the people that did it the first time round, who didn't endorse the bondage of their fellow man with their consumer choices. Keeping half an eye on their surroundings. Checking they were being noticed, doing the right thing, safely fitting in. Just passive actors playing their parts. The first time this happened I bet minds were blown. Lives thrown on the fire, abandoned in flames, just to watch them burn. These kids just need validation. After all, it'd be fucking terrifying if you had to blaze a trail.

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