I haven't been able to muster a single word about music since the EU referendum, I couldn't see the point. I watched rolling news as the start of my dystopian short story became real life. Instead of the wagons circling back on us they turned and made for the horizon as we stared after them in horror. That type of thing.

It seemed ridiculous to sit and try to explain why this song or that song was important. When the media is reporting a world spiralling out of control and I can't stop watching it spin. Ridiculous that I should be jumping up and down about music when I could be jumping up and down about any number of horrendous real life things instead. Things that impress a powerlessness on top of your entire existence in ways you previously hadn't considered. An existential headfuck akin to those post-run aches in muscles you didn't know you had. Utterly stupid to blather on about music when you feel crushed beyond recognition beneath the weight of it all.

Much like a death, at some point you stop staring straight at the abyss and start looking for life around the edges, even if you don't intend to. Even if you want nothing but the comfort of the deep. I found myself once again finding solace within sound, searching out records to play, nodding my head again. I realised that when I'm writing about importance, it's not on a societal level, it's for the individual. Every song is an opportunity for a moment of freedom inside a world which grants us none. Every song is a fresh chance to break away from the endless same. Every song has the potential to be important to somebody, in some way, for reasons you may never know. The power, the importance, the necessity of music is driven by its ability to change your state of mind. It's that simple. Music is a beautiful, overwhelming, bucket of sand to bury your head in, a comfortable pillow to rest your tired head, and sometimes that is the most important thing of all. Here are your singles of the week:

DM Stith - 'Amylette'

Ian William Craig - 'Contain (Astoria Version)'

Cowtown - 'Motivational Speaker'

Yohuna - 'Apart'

Glocque - 'Coagulation'

Anyway, here’s a Spotify playlist with as many songs from my column this year as i could find on there.