Everyone is rushing to have an opinion on K****, whilst knowing deep down that they'll change it later to make sure they fall on the right side of history. It's an interesting time, the press is no longer tomorrow's fish wrappers, it's digested and spat out quicker than you can shit. Anyway, I have nothing to say about K**** so here are your Singles of the Week:

Aesop Rock - 'Rings'

Aesop Rock has veered towards doing too much at once for most of his career, just to show that he can, but when he stays calm and just does his thing there are few that can touch him. The new album is out in April and if it's all like this it'll be his best.

I Am Oak - 'Omen'

If you are not from the UK or America then you are pretty much invisible to their mainstream music press. At a push you can be Scandinavian, but that has to be backed by all the lower level tastemakers, have guaranteed label budget and be pretty much nailed on before you get covered. You have to represent zero risk to the advertisers. Anyway, I Am Oak is a Dutch guy making gentle and beautiful music that we shouldn't ignore, his album Ols Songd is one of my favourite listens. This song 'Omen' is taken from his new album Our Blood which comes out at the end of this month but you can order it now at Snowstar Records.

Los Angeles Police Department - 'Hard'

Like everything I've heard by LAPD, this is a positive delight. My favourite bit is when it goes all 'Jump' by Van Halen in the middle before catching up with itself and settling down. Watch out for more.

Charlie Cunningham - 'Heights'

When Charlie Cunningham plays the guitar he has a style that is distinctly his - he makes it his, and now we know that when he sits at the piano he owns that too. Shall we just agree to keep giving him new instruments to play with?

The Savage Young Taterbug - 'The Paperstud'

It'd be wrong of me not to include this lovely little lullaby. It feels like the longest two-and-a-half minutes on record, although that isn't technically true. Technically, it stops time and allows you to explore another world for as long as you want to. 'The Paperstud' is on a 12" coming out in June on Night People Records.

...but anyway I think that's quite enough. I promise to give this column all of the care and attention that something that is outdated and overlooked in a couple of days deserves. I think you can tell that I do. You can submit your music to The 405 by using your initiative and clicking around the site, although I will unsubscribe from your mailing list. Have a great day.