So last week I saw a discussion on twitter between some musicians who were saying that some music publications only post music sent to them by PR's, I was thinking about it yesterday as I was waiting for my puppy to take a crap on the beach, and I got to thinking that instead of half assing a column of my own thoughts I could just copy and paste some of the stuff from my inbox and cut out the middle man. So anyway that's what I've done, here are their singles of the week:

Habitats - Boogie Waltzer

Hey Will, Hope you’re good.

Just checking if you caught this - it’s from Habitats, who’ve released their next single, ‘Boogie Waltzer’. You can listen to the track HERE also. Thought it would be great if you could include the track with the 405 singles of the week feature. The band have taken the single from the upcoming ‘Jungles’ EP, which was recorded in Hudson, NY and will be released in Feb 2016. The band have just completed a UK tour for its release, including a huge headline show at Lexington in London last week!

There’s more about the band’s recent plans HERE.

The track was premiered by Consequence of Sound and they have had previous support from the likes of Impose and Artrocker. Would really appreciate your support also by featuring the track in the round-up!

Jerry Williams - Boy Oh Boy

Hope all's well. I just wanted to get in touch again about UK teenager Jerry Williams. She's just put out the video for her new single Boy Oh Boy (out Nov 13th). Would you be interested in posting it?

  • - Retro take on early Lilly Allen-esque pop
  • - Follow up to her debut single 'Cold Beer' which has racked 30,000 views in 2 months
  • - Full-page feature in the latest issue of Wonderland Magazine.
  • - Tipped in new music playlists in The Guardian & Music Week
  • - You can also see her performing the track for SBTV HERE

She's already written tracks with Newton Faulkner, Carey Willets from Athlete, Jim Duguid (Paulo Nutini) and Dan Carey (Miles Kane, Nick Mulvey, Sia). Live, she's already hit the stage with Maverick Sabre, The Hoosiers, a sold out UK tour with Nathan Sykes (ex-The Wanted) this year. I really hope you like Jerry, and the video!

Dolores Haze - Touch Me

Hi Will,

Happy autumn days, how are you doing?

This is pretty naughty video, but if you like lo-fi overdriven punk then it’s for you. Dolores Haze are about to release a new album and this is the first single from it, called Touch Me. Can I put it forward for a post with you on The 405?

Based out of Stockholm, the 4 piece overdriven lo-fi punk band have been described in the same vein as UK buzz band Wolf Alice and won rave reviews from music tastemakers Stereogum, The Line Of Best Fit, Noisey and NME. The girls have already been over on the UK Festival circuit this year with maiden appearance at the coveted End Of The Road festival and a slot at Latitude. The bands new album The Haze Is Forever is a brightly burning collection of top-heavy punk tracks that come with a sinister bite, and will available for purchase and download Friday 13th November 2015.

Lao Ra - Jesus Made Me Bad

Hey Will - hope you're good...

Just wondered if you might have a second to check out this pretty strident debut video from Lao Ra (here it is), who's doing well - first track 'Jesus Made Me Bad' went Top 5 on Hype Machine a few weeks ago, has picked up nice radio support, and comparisons with the likes of MIA or Diplo. This DIY clip was filmed in Lao Ra's hometown of Bogota, Colombia, and I think really captures that environment (there's a quote from her below, but things like Madonna's video for 'Like a Prayer' were also a natural catalyst in 'Jesus Made Me Bad's general dig at South America's deeply conservative, Catholic culture).

Godfrey Turner Overdrive - Awake

G.T.O are a 5 piece alternative rock band from regional NSW bent on exploring sound and energy, heavy riffs, intertwined with swirling guitar ambience to create a progressive wall of sound inspired by artists such as QOTSA, Karnivool and A Perfect Circle. With the skills possessed by the band members and a deep-seated DIY mindset they have self-produced three EPs and 2 singles over 2 years, each carving out and refining a signature sound. ”Awake”, the latest single from Godfrey-Turner Overdrive delivers their most focused and powerful release yet. Building upon their signature sound, Awake is a heady mix of grinding guitars, anthemic vocals and relentless drums, combined with G.T.O.’s distinctive layers of dark ambiance.

Crywolf - Akureyri

Hi Will, Excited to connect with you. My name is [Name Redacted], I'm a Publicist based in Los Angeles. Figured it be best to at least semi formally introduce myself. I'm more known for my work in EDM, esp the bass side but now have started to venture into the indie realm (which I'm loving it). One of my clients, Crywolf, has knd of done the same -- taking himself out of what most "EDM" and its subgenres labels music to create his own sound. Even going as far as Iceland to truly capture this sound and bring out his pure creativity.

Now speed up a few months later and we are on his debut album (Catactasm)'s third single release titled, "Akureyri." The whole LP brings a rush of emotions, life and meaning to you as you listen to it from beginning to end. I wanted to share the "Akureyri" release with you and hope you could help us with support! We have one more single to be released (beginning of Nov) then the album (Cataclasm) will debut on Nov. 20th. Hope you enjoy the single and looking forward to connecting with you more. Here is all things "Akureyri" - Let me know if you're interested in doing more too! Always down for fun press or creative interviews.

These days it’s refreshing to find an artist who really works at his craft. And, luckily for his audiences, Patrizio Buanne is just such a one. (And those audiences have included the Pope, a US President, various celebrities and several Royal Families.) On February 12th 2016 at Indigo at the 02 UK audiences will have the chance to see the Italian heartthrob once again for themselves.

New school in style and delivery but old school in charm, commitment and standards. like the great singers before him, Patrizio aims to provide the best in melody and song coupled with superlative and engaging entertainment. (Think Julio Iglesias meets a young Tom Jones, throw in some wicked moves and a smile to light up the room and you get the drift!) But Patrizio is no ‘Popera’ act – more modern day crooner, he belongs firmly in the classic vocalist camp. And, like them, he also embraces the many countries where he performs. While he speaks seven languages fluently - Italian, Spanish. English, German, French, Africans and Polish - and understands at least 10, he always goes the extra mile to relate to the country he is in. He gives audiences a flavour of his Southern Italian homeland mixed with the musicality of the greats he admires. Patrizio plays the Indigo at the O2 on February 12th 2016 - just in time for Valentine’s Day.

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I think that's quite enough. I promise to give this column all of the care and attention that something that is outdated and overlooked in a couple of days deserves. In this particular case it took around a third of a large black coffee and a pain au chocolate from the coffee shop that was nearest to the holiday cottage I'm staying in. I think it's time that we started being honest about how little we care about our audience. We do this to get into shows for free and then we talk through the bands you pay to see. Have a great day.