C Duncan - 'Wanted To Want It Too'

This guy is supposed to disappear. He's supposed to make a second album that doesn't match up to the quality of his debut and drift into nothingness. He's supposed to follow the blueprint of artists that appear out of nowhere with a fully formed sound, covered in polish, flawless to the naked eye. He wasn't supposed to keep it up because they never do, they always let you down, they always try too hard and make themselves redundant. They always think that they're the little mouse in the barrel of milk like the story in that film, that if they struggle they'll churn it into butter and survive, but they never do. They flail around and make everything worse. Not C Duncan though, he's here for keeps. This is the first track from album number two, The Midnight Sun, which comes out on Fat Cat Records in October and sounds even more magnificent than before. That pulsing synth spine holding the whole thing together, it's even more floaty and time stopping (yes this is music journalism in 2016). I think this one is for real worth getting excited about.

Katie Gately - 'Tuck'

An enjoyably hypnotic whirlwind, Tuck is the first song from Katie Gately's debut album, Color, which comes out on Tri Angle Records in October. It's one of the best things I've heard so far this year. It's so good that I'm unable to find the words for it right now.

Benoît Pioulard - 'Layette'

Thomas Meluch has been releasing music forever, or at least as long as this website has been going. My review of Temper, his second album, was one of the first things I wrote for the site back in 2008 (spoiler: I loved it). In the years since then he hasn't progressed that far musically (he's still making atmospheric guitar pop or ambient headfucks) but it has grown endlessly in terms of sound quality and the obvious confidence that he now has. This guy knows exactly what is what. To be honest it's just so good to hear him playing guitar like this again, rather than making drones and spinning me out, although the drones are really nice - check out the album called Perils that he made with Kyle Bobby Dunn. It's just, y'know, I've missed this.

Foxes In Fiction - 'Extinguisher'

'Extinguisher' is taken from the latest Orchid Tapes sampler, Radiating Light, which promises to be a really good record like their last, Bored Ecstacy, and is available to pre-order now. The song itself is pretty different to his previous material, which bodes well for the future, he could take his music anywhere.