This week's singles are powered by tramadol, antibiotics, two hot water bottles, the number 6 and the letter V.

Beat Culture ft Psychic Twin - 'Drifter'

It seems like Beat Culture has been around forever. He's been drip-feeding us amazing tracks like 'Drifter' and 'Orange' (which I played on the Radio 1 Review show a while back) since his debut album came out a couple of years ago. So in internet years, he's like a thousand, or a thousand and one years old. 'Drifter' has got that marketable vibe that should see it appearing on adverts real soon, and it should make him a bunch of money, if there was any justice. It's got that feeling, that inexplicable cool, feeling. That whole 'Go Outside' by Cults vibe, but with MacBooks and late night cab rides through the city instead of long hair covering naked chests and rumours of incest, vibe. I really like it, I haven't found a way to play it loud enough, but I'll keep trying.

Container - 'Glaze'

A few years back I stopped listening to metal music by choice... I mean I stopped listening to metal music for pleasure, I still find myself listening to it. Helping to run a site like this means that you listen to all sorts of music, that is pretty much the joy of it, anyway I was making a point. The itch that I used to scratch with metal music, that 'I need to get the shit off my face' white noise fix, that itch is now scratched by electronic music. Music like this. It doesn't feel formulaic. It doesn't feel like it have rules or boundaries. It's noisy and relentless and it's so fucking free. If you play it loud enough you can strip paint with it, or wake the dead, or whatever etc etc amen. All I really need to say is: This song is taken from Container's Adhesive EP released this week and oh my god does it take the skin off your chops.

Last Lynx - 'Lacuna'

On a completely different trip. This is all kinds of ok. If the radio played pop music like this I might listen to it more. It has that Swedish vibe nailed down, probably because they've Swedish, but it's not so overtly Swedish pop that it sounds like a Labrador release. Y'know? I bet Swedish radio is amazing. You can probably stream it somewhere on the internet can't you, oh god, cancel the column. I'm done. I was only going to explain how bad Franz Ferdinand were like I wasn't stating the fucking obvious.

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