This week we take a look at singles by My First Tooth, The Field, Crystal Fighters and The Irrepressibles. Enjoy!

My First Tooth - 'Hawk In Harness'

I've had the privilege and the pleasure of playing records at a few parties for Alcopop Records. Sorry, for the AIM Award winning Alcopop Records. We're all hoping that the prefix will add some gravitas to the fact that label "King" Jack Pop knows what he is doing. Although it probably doesn't mean anything to you, so take my word for it, the name Alcopop is nine times out of ten a mark of wholesome goodness... and their parties are always fun as hell.

My First Tooth are undoubtedly the jewel in the crown that is the AIM Award winning Alcopop roster, and let me tell you that Mr Pop looks mighty fine in a crown. They are lazily labelled as "folky" because they have a violin, but they are much more than that, intricate little pop songs such as 'Hawk In Harness' really defy the genre tag entirely. It isn't really folk, or rock, or folk rock, it is good though. The type of song that means more to you each time you listen to it. From the type of band that will sit, criminally, in the underground but become the most important band in the world to anyone who has the good luck to stumble upon them. The type of band that are so good, you want to play them to people who tell you that music these days is just no good. You want to play them and say "You watch the X-Factor pal, get off your sofa and go to a gig."

So the first time I saw My First Tooth, you'll remember yours too, was at a Alcopop christmas party a few years back. I was so captivated by them that I bought everything they had on sale. Since then they have changed so much. They've added an extra member, Warren Malia from fellow Alcopop band The Attika State, and fleshed out the muscle and bone of their sound into an incredibly attractive body. That doesn't make any sense. Basically, they've added a really talented guitarist who has helped develop their sound into something even bigger and better and the future is bright. Their future is not full of tired old metaphors about flesh and bones. The long and short of it is, you should listen to these guys, you really should. Young UK bands like this need to be championed. Not being able to afford major label marketing should not be a reason for a talented band to go unheard, and My First Tooth are a talented band that deserve to be heard. So listen, and tell your friends.

The Field - 'Cupid's Head'

Fan's of The Field will know how it goes, it's the same formula but it works so well you can't be mad. It works roughly like this, you take a snippet of an idea as a building block, and you use it to build a fucking palace. A massive Russian palace probably, not many straight lines here, just circular rhythms in a constant state of flux. The techno genre is famed for it's cold robotic nature which is why The Field stand out. Always warm and expansive. Always evolving. Always using reverb to carve out breathing room within a transitive headspace. What else could you need? Essentially, The Field is epiphany porn for thinkers. Dwell on it.

Crystal Fighters - 'LA Calling'

On first impression alone, this comes across as infectious fun indie music, but it's just produced to seem that way. Really, it's only as infectious as the sexually transmitted diseases that their emotionally damaged jock twat fanbase share at their excuse for rape house parties. Y'know? What I'm trying to say is that you'll only catch it if you touch them, so leave it the fuck alone, don't go anywhere near it and you'll stay safe. Seriously, if you hit play on the soundcloud link please hit pause now. Stop it. Before it gets to the "bridge".

Now listen. The problem with shit like this, and I mean really horrible you won't feel clean for a while don't cuddle me, shit. Shit like this will get playlisted because it's big with the numbskulls in amurrikkka, our trends are set by these sunbleached dickheads because that is where our media places its attention. Not on what is happening on our own shores (Edit: For clarity - the band hail from the UK). On what is supposed to be glamorous, shimmering, and wonderfully bigger and brighter and better. How positively darling. They look over the Atlantic with adulation. Longing to be where the real money is. Where people bark with authority and other people listen.

If you look closely, the only thing actually shimmering is glitter stuck to a picture of a young face smiling. Yet although that mouth is curled, the eyes are stricken. Telling a story. Herded by fear. The pack mentality of the petrified youth, cajoled into conformity by a sorry acceptance of their own futility. How positively depressing. It's not much different over here though is it? Really. It's just we need to separate ourselves so that we can get through the day and sleep at night.

The thing is we grew up, didn't we, we left school and we left that insecurity behind. That need to continually look elsewhere for other things. Diminishing what we actually have by never accepting that it is enough. The greedy survival instinct misappropriated.

It's just, some people didn't grow up, it's still there. They look back as if their best years are behind them. They enjoyed being informed of their opinions by others rather than informing others of their opinions. They've beaten themselves stupid over the years. Now finding themselves devoid of the capability to feel anything at all. They just bleat popular phrases from television shows and repeat what they skim read in the red tops. They complain about society without contributing anything. They vote tory without questioning why. They stare at themselves in the mirror thinking about how they look better than they ever have whilst brushing their teeth. They pogo instead of dance. They can't have the tedious, joyless sex they are accustomed to without thinking about that time they fingered the popular girl behind the school hall. They raise their voices when you try to speak. They listen to music like this and think they are edgy and cool.

You know who I'm talking about don't you? You have faces for the names. They feel like the majority but they've not. They just speak whilst you are still second guessing yourself and it is easier to stay quiet and follow the herd. I know. I do it too.

Oh how I longed to be part of the football team.

The Irrepressibles - 'Always On My Mind'

Strictly speaking this is not a single, but after that we need to be cleansed. This is the most beautiful reworking of an already poignant and emotional song. Please take five minutes. Press play, turn up the volume and just close your eyes.

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