London based singer-songwriter Sipprell has debuted her first single, 'Curious'. Working with Ragz Originale, co-producer on Skepta's 'Shutdown', Sipprell has created a track that is unconventional in its sound. Sipprell's soulful tone, blended with the R&B infused electronic beats, certainly makes her a promising prospect given the way her sound stirs emotions.

Beginning her career at the age of fourteen, Sipprell has provided backing vocals for the likes of Leona Lewis and Lily Allen. Speaking about the track with The 405, Sipprell said "Between Ragz and myself we captured a mysterious, effortless vibe with 'Curious'. I wasn't trying to sound perfect, we used my first vocal takes that I recorded lying down. Some parts were freestyled. I can't get bored of this beat. It takes you somewhere different. Also using live instruments like the guitar and viola brings that musical element to the track. I'm really excited to share it."

The soulful artist also cites Lauryn Hill, Ella Fitzgerald and The Beatles as some of her biggest inspirations.

There's a strong chance she could be featured on a number of 'ones to watch' lists in the near future and as she currently works on her EP, it won't be long before we're treated to more material.