Sir Babygirl is the moniker of alt-pop singer and producer Kelly Hogue, who has made waves in various DIY scenes across America, from the Bay to Chicago - although she returned to her home in New Hampshire to write and record her debut album. The first full length from Sir Babygirl is called Crush On Me and comes out on February 15th via Father/Daughter.

There's already been a string of singles from Crush On Me released (which you should find online right now), so we're playing a bit of catch up, but her new song and video 'Everyone Is A Bad Friend' is a perfect time to hop onboard the Sir Babygirl train. Beginning a stomping pop number with wavey guitars, Sir Babygirl brings a sing-song charm to the track, before making a subtle shift in tone towards darker territories. "Everyone I meet gives me great advice/ but I never give them mine," she laments, on her descent into even darker and unstoppable thoughts. Regardless of the uncomfortable ideas that come spewing from Sir Babygirl's mind, 'Everyone Is A Bad Friend' is undoubtedly uplifting, as she puts a neon sheen on her worries, picks them up and in accepting people's accusations of being a bad friend, she finds catharsis in turning that back on her accusers. In the end 'Everyone Is A Bad Friend' plays like an acceptance of everyone's shortcomings, and finds an unfiltered freedom in that realisation.

Sir Babygirl's debut album Crush On Me is out on February 15th through Father/Daughter (pre-order). Follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.