The Sunday Times' annual top 50 musician rich list is published on April 21st. We can give you a sneek peek of the list ahead of Sunday's publication.

The list reveals that Paul McCartney is top of the list, compiled of UK and Irish musicians, with a whopping £680 million. Coming second, is Lord Lloyd Webber with a not too shabby £620 million.

Other notable acts include Adele, who’s tops the under 30 list with £30 million to her name, and all four members of Coldplay.

The top 10 richest music millionaires are as follows:

  • 1. Sir Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell £680m
  • 2. Lord Lloyd-Webber £620m
  • 3. U2 £520m
  • 4. Sir Elton John £240m
  • 5= David and Victoria Beckham £200m
  • 5= Sir Mick Jagger £200m
  • 7 Michael Flatley £191m
  • 8 Keith Richards £185m
  • 9= Olivia and Dhani Harrison £180m
  • 9= Sting £180m

This list excludes music company owners and producers.