To celebrate the release of Siren's (Stefan Evan Niedermeyer) forthcoming single 'Here Today', which is released on November 12th through Loose Lips Records, we've teamed up with the rather talented young man to present you with a pretty special competition.

Before we tell you how to enter the competition, check out this video to find out what we're giving away...

For your chance to win the custom skateboard, all you need to do is tell us which of these skateboarding games isn't real:

  • a) Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2
  • b) Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam
  • c) Tony Hawks 30 Minutes To Get Your Shopping done in Tescos

Send your answers to and we'll pick a winner at random on November 12th (when the single is released).

What made you decide to take the leap from being a session musician to songwriting?

I don't think I've ever truly been a session musician, I've only ever played for my mates when they've asked me to. About a year or so back I wanted a fresh challenge so I decided to give song writing a proper crack, its awesome and I'm never gonna stop!

Do you feel working as a session musician influenced how you write and perform music?

I got to play with some great people but I'm not sure if I can say they have influenced the way I write or perform. They certainly helped inspire me to start writing but I think my style is quite different from the people I have played with.

Have you been at all influenced by skate culture in your writing?

As a kid I watched loads of skateboard videos and they have definitely exposed me to a wide variety of music. Also, the game Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 had one of the best soundtracks ever! But no, I don't think my music has stylistic skate influences, nor do I write music with the goal of appealing to skate culture.

Your music is very richly instrumented, is this always going to be a theme?

Well my Mum's a music teacher, so growing up I got to mess about with many different instruments. That experience has influenced the way I put my songs together and I particularly love the process of arranging a song and having all the sounds come together. I would like to say that is a theme, but right now I'm actually working on a song that is just piano and vocals haha.

How have you found it working with Craig Silvey?

Incredible. He's the coolest cat on the planet with infinite amounts of experience. Casually, he mixed Arcade fires latest record which is a favorite of mine. Being in the studio with him is chilled, he's always willing to go with the flow and has an open mind for experimentation. I'd love to finish my album with him.

How is work on the début going?

I've written a lot of material recently that I'm super stoked on and I'm sure will make the album. I feel I've written about half of the record which is awesome. The process is the best part, and I'm sure I'll be bummed once its finished.

Will the sound be similar to that of your early singles?

I feel its my vocals that drive my songs so I'd say yes for the most part. In terms of atmosphere and instrumentation I'd like each song to have something unique about it. I'm still experimenting a lot and I'm not consciously trying to make an album with a consistent sound.

You've worked on a number of your music videos yourself. Is the medium of music videos particularly important to you and do you plan on continuing working on your own videos?

Yep! I'm a big fan of music videos so for my own videos I want to make sure they are awesome! As for why I work on my own videos, well I love the creative process too much to let someone else do it. Making "Here Today" was hard work but also one of the best trips ever!

Are there any plans to tour?

I'd love to go on tour even as a support act but unfortunately the opportunity hasn't popped up yet, fingers crossed!

Do you feel more comfortable performing or in the studio?

The process of writing and making music is what its all about for me so the studio is my favorite place, its definitely where I feel most comfortable. That said, I do also love being on stage so I hope to be doing plenty of live shows next year!