As you've probably spotted, we've had a big lovely yellow banner loitering on our homepage for a while telling you about our lovely radio series coming this Monday (27th June). And if you've been following us on Facebook and Twitter you'll know that it's a daily show with each hour long show on at 7pm. And if you haven't been following us on the social networks then start now, or we'll set the cat on you.

This is just a little forewarning of what's to come. In our first weeks we've got a whole host of different styles, themes and hosts, from our Don Oliver Primus hosting Classic Movie Soundtracks (starting next Sunday with Forest Gump), my very own 405 eras show (starting next Thursday with '60s garage and punk), Arty editor man Will Slater prestenting his Folk show (Next Monday) as well as everything from and between an LA Pool Part theme, New Music and Summer from a whole host of staff and contributors.

Expect interviews, banter, fine music and possibly some bloopers, but tune in for the fun, the comfort and the discoveries from some true DIY radio.