Norwegian singer-songwriter, Siv Jakobsen, releases her debut album, The Nordic Mellow, next month and ahead of its arrival comes the visual counterpart for recent single, 'Shallow Digger'.

Playing the role of a steely-eyed attendee at a rambunctious house party, Siv's vision for the promo was to focus on a party guest who's there physically but is isolated from everyone else.

Jakobsen tells The 405: "I had this idea of filming a party, with me sort of awkwardly placed in the midst of it, without really participating. All my other videos are of me mostly alone, usually outside somewhere with beautiful nature as a backdrop, and my videographer Jørgen Nordby and I wanted to make a contrast to that, but still keeping within that same idea of me being alone - only this time "alone" with a bunch of people around. It was especially fun to shoot, as many of the people present are band members and friends - which makes this video feel extra special to me."

Jakobsen returns to the UK on a joint headline tour with Fenne Lily, Siv, and Paul Thomas Saunders. They play Cecil Sharp House on 12th October.

'Shallow Digger' is out now. The Nordic Mellow is out on 25 August.