Synth-pop newcomer and London native, Lizzi, has dropped a sizzling single with summer right around the corner. The new video for the track contrasts busy neon lights and seaside tranquillity, just as the lyrics parallel the excitement of love and the pain of heartbreak. Watch “Anybody But You” below.

"I wrote this song after breaking up with someone I'd put on a pedestal and was unable to let go of. In the writing and the music video, I hoped to capture the vulnerability but also the empowerment of letting something go." - Lizzi

“Anybody But You” is a track for moving on, with a twisted title that is open to interpretation. In context, the title lyric extends to “I can’t find that feeling again, with...anybody but you,” longing for you despite everything. Lizzi uses chillwave production to drive her new single into the realm of contemporary nostalgia, as if wanting to sustain the present moment for a lifetime, though this is meant as a forbidden romance, with no realistic way forward. Though it’s a harsh reality, she knows who she deserves to be with and, well, that’s anybody but you.

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