Andrew Marr cuts an intimidating figure in the PR shot for his 80s-tinged pop project Ski Lodge, but his music couldn't be more inviting. On his latest single, the effervescent 'My Friend,' Marr wastes no time in cutting to the feeling, offering an enveloping warmth that avoids becoming a pastiche of 80s new wave and instead becomes a vibrant, natural extension of that essential genre.

New wave is frequently tapped for musical inspiration these days, but few musicians could convince a listener that they might be listening to something actually of the era. 'My Friend' contains a few anachronistic sounds that give away its 2017 release, but Marr's voice, the tone of the shimmering lead synth and the guitar/bass arrangements are the kind of things musicians of the 80s were striving for at the time. Were this song to be released in 1985, it could have been a major radio smash.

Complimented with a few modern touches — found mainly in the sleekness of the recording and a few synthesizer sounds — the song truly is a logical extension from the new wave era, and one that is done with care and consideration. This track clearly came from the heart of someone who adores 80s music as much as I do.

I'm a bit of a new wave obsessive and while plenty of modern initiations are admirable and enjoyable, very few are capable of transporting me to that particular place and feeling genuine 80s tracks create. 'My Friend' is one of the rare exceptions. This is a remarkably pleasurable slice of songcraft here and Marr should stand proud of his achievement.

Take a listen to Ski Lodge's truly excellent 'My Friend' below, and be sure to keep following the project's releases. They seem to gearing up for some well worth listeners' time.