For those of you who enjoy contemporary nods to the riff-heavy blues shtick of Led Zeppelin and Jack White, then please look no further than here.

Blackburn, UK rock and roll quartet Sky Valley Mistress have unveiled their second EP, Rivals, Hounds & Rebel Sisters, which is set to be released on 15 December.

The three-track EP, the band's second release on Holy Roller Records - a label based in their home town – comprises of finalised recordings of songs written during their tour of the UK in 2013 and 2014.


  • 1. 'Smoke Fairy'
  • 2. 'Wishbone'
  • 3. 'She Is So'

Download Rivals, Hounds & Rebel Sisters from their BandCamp page, which contains additional 6-panel digipak.

Watch the video for latest single ‘Smoke Fairy’ below (watch out for the cameo at 2:53):