Hailing from Florida, but relocated to Brooklyn, NY, Skyway is best described as hip-hop meets psych-pop, but don’t tell them that. Skyway, a duo joining emcee Rufat with producer Kyle Wyss (aka Chromatic Lights and part of the band Blind Man's Colour), only want their music described as Skyway.

You can have a listen to that Skyway sound with the track 'Get Yours'. With production full of syncopated synth rhythms and manipulated vocals that would make the Dirty Projectors jealous, Rufat spits his verses with ease and precision. You can hear an influence of Kanye in Rufat's flow and delivery, which is a good thing. Wyss gives the hook some falsetto treatment that complements his production beautifully. 'Get Yours' is a great summer track.

Take a listen to 'Get Yours' below. You can download the album free from here.