Brooklyn-via-Florida two piece SLAVVE formed less than a year ago, but since then they've brought on former Surfer Blood drummer Marcos Marchesani to their ensemble and now they're set to release their self-titled EP 24 June through Bloodmoss Records. They constantly move at full force, as that aforementioned EP was recorded in only two days in what was probably a sweaty and hectic studio. It's a mix of post-punk, hardcore, and punk, keeping true to the music they loved while growing up while creating a sound all of their own - and it's kickass. Listen to 'Out Of My Mind' below.

  • Tracklist:
  • 1. Pity Party
  • 2. In Your Dreams
  • 3. No Joke
  • 4. Tomb
  • 5. Out Of Mind
  • 6. Better Half
  • 7. And I Know (Bonus Track)

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